A Thought on QS Dining Credit at Flower and Garden Food Kiosks

I had a crazy thought. Since the food at the kiosks are snack credit worthy and you can trade 1 QS for 3 snack credits, does that mean you can get an alcoholic beverage at the kiosk too with your qs credit?
Say I trade my QS for 3 items at a kiosk, can I still get my beverage that comes with QS at the kiosk too? Anyone tried this?

I don’t think you’d find any alcoholic beverages marked as snacks.

Yes but if you are trading QS for 3 snacks do you lose the drink included in qs?

I think you would lose your alcoholic berverage. It would be included if you were cashing in a QS credit, but once they are converted to 3 snack credits, they become just that. Snack credits.
Not 100% sure on this though. Would be interesting to find out, and would be great if you were still able to grab a drink too!

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