A Square Trip Report - Labor Day Weekend

Hi, you guys! I’m going to celebrate that it’s Friday by reminiscing about our wonderful time in WDW last weekend!

For context, we have APs and live about 6-7 hours away. DH, you might remember, is NOT a WDW fan at all, and after his second trip with us last May, I thought he’d never come again. But he actually DID volunteer to come along this time, to stay at the hotel and help with the kids, but not to go to the parks. This was awesome, because he got a nice “tropical island” sort of relaxation weekend, but it also allowed me and DD7 to do the big-kid rides we couldn’t do when DS2.9 is along.

Day 1:

Pulling into CBR at 6pm, from the very first moment, it was so BEAUTIFUL. At the gate, when the guard said “well now you can relax because now you’re here,” I won’t lie – I actually started to cry.

We had dinner in Old Port Royale – I thought it was simply charming! And good for vegetarians – we LOVED the veg plate: rice with black beans on top, spicy plantains, broccoli, green beans, mashed potatoes, and cornbread. Interesting and different and yummy!

Tried to have an early night, but ended up watching the HS Frozen fireworks from right outside our hotel room. :slight_smile:


Day 2: Our Hollywood Studios Day

So, for the record, I’m not much of a HS fan. I think when DS is older we might have a lot more fun there, but right now it’s a “couple of hours” park for us. But the whole reason we planned this trip was to experience the Frozen Summer Fun at HS! So we ended up spending a whole day there.

It was an 8 AM EMH day, and my kids are early risers, so we made it for RD. We weren’t in any rush to get to attractions, so the first thing we did was get our Sing Along paper return tix for later in the day, and then we went to the HISTK playground. It was our first time there, and the kids LOVED it. By 8:45 we were already soaked with sweat, seriously, and stopped for a lemonade-in-our-water-bottles break.

My goal was to get to Frozen Funland when it opened at 9 to avoid the crowds. Well, unbeknownst to me, they changed the schedule and opened it at 8:30, and it was packed. We waited 25 minutes to play in the “snow” – the longest wait of our trip. But the kids had fun, followed by eating enormous Anna and Elsa cupcakes and watching the ice skaters.

Next we used our FPP for TSMM – DS’s first time, and it was really fun. He’s developing a love for Buzz Light, as he calls him, so after that we waited for a M&G with Woody and Buzz, about 20 minutes (ugh.) But it was fun and worth it – lots of big excited grins and hugs.

We went to line up for the Frozen parade at 10:40, but boy was it already packed. A Saturday on a holiday weekend on an EMH day makes a big difference! I know, I know! So the parade was kind of miserable – we were really hot, we couldn’t see well, kids were whiny, so we left before it was over. Rest time!

Back at CBR, lunch at the food court (black bean burgers are okay, toppings bar is nice, but as usual the veggie burgers tend to be overcooked and dried out around the edges.)

Then we all swam at the main pool, which is totally cool! DS2.9 loved the pirate ship splash area, and DD7 loved the water slides. So much fun! Afterwards DS and DH went to the room to nap while DD and I hung out on the beach in hammocks, ahhhh, that was so nice and relaxing… :slight_smile:

In the afternoon, DS and DH stayed at CBR and played on the sandy beach and on the playground while DD and I went back to HS. With my first frozen banana (yum!) we waited in the heat again, this time for the 6 pm Sing Along. The wait was hard, but the show was AWESOME. :slight_smile: I actually had tears running down my cheeks the whole time. We are really big fans – we actually saw the film in the theater at home 5 times, and once in the sing along version, and that was totally disappointing because we were the only ones singing. But here – wow! A whole huge theater full of little voices belting out every song, it was so beautiful!!!

Spent our evening back at the HISTK playground, and touring Oaken’s trading post, and eating at Fairfax Fare – not too bad for what it was. DD LOVES hot dogs and only gets them at WDW, so hot dog and chips was pretty exciting for her, ha ha. We also saw the Little Mermaid show for the first time. It was fun and sweet but we were also like, wow, that was it? Ends kind of abruptly, doesn’t it? But fun!

The highlight of the evening was a first ride ever on Rockin Roller coaster. With no FPP I was worried. It was posted 30 minutes, and that was about right. DD was pretty scared and said she hated it, but that she would ride it again with me if I wanted to, ha ha. I absolutely LOVED it – wow! What a powerful and smooth coaster! So awesome!

The night ended with Frozen fireworks – we were sitting on the planter by the lake in front of 50’s. The view was great, the lack of crowds was great, the seats were great. But the restaurant behind us kept playing its theme music on the street through the show, so sometimes that competed in an annoying way with the fireworks music, and we heard nothing from the stage. But who cares – they were really beautiful fireworks. :slight_smile:


Day 3: Magic Kingdom, woo hoo!

DD7, DS2.9 and I arrived just in time for the Welcome Show. The theme of the morning was rides that the three of us can do together and that DS would enjoy too. So we did Buzz, Pooh, Teacups, then Pooh again, this time just to play in the queue area. They let the three of us into a car together on the Speedway and DS drove, ha ha, awesome fun! Then some awesome cooling-off play time in the Dumbo tent, and rode Dumbo, followed by another lemonade-in-water-bottles break in the awesome seating area in the circus tent back there. DS actually remembered meeting characters back there in May, so we went in to meet Donald, Goofy, Daisy, and Minnie again. My kids get totally crazy in there and love it so much, ha ha. :smile: Then a look in the circus tent store – I think that’s our favorite store.

We moved on to Under the Sea, and then had a surprisingly nice lunch at Pinnochio Haus. The kids meal pizzas were actually pretty good, and that’s what I got for myself too to save a little money. With grapes and yogurt and a drink, it was enough food and felt halfway maybe sorta healthy. :smile: After that we rode the carousel, and then took the bus back to the hotel. I used to complain that the Pop bus was the farthest away, but turns out that CBR is even farther!

After a rest and swim at the hotel, we all drove together to the Animal Kingdom Lodge for an ADR at Sanaa – our first time. DH is a big animal lover, and we are all big fans of Indian food, so we were excited! I won’t repeat what I posted in another restaurant review thread, but we had a really nice time, especially watching the animals later outside on the porches.

After dinner, we dropped the boys off at CBR, and DD7 and I went for a girls’ night at MK. This was our chance to do all the big kid rides we can’t do when DS is along. We started with BTMRR, a favorite, and then moved on to our other favorite, Splash, and oh man, doing that at night was SOOO cool!!! Then on to my other favorite, Jungle Cruise!! Boy do I love the backside of water.

DD was determined to try Space Mountain for the first time. I had been in that queue once before in my life, 34 years ago, when my dad and I waited more than an hour, and I ended up taking the chicken exit. So this was my first time too. I was stressed because the sign outside said 45 minutes wait, but we actually waited about 20 minutes, thank goodness. DD totally loved it and says it is another favorite! I’m not sure – I’ll definitely do it again, but in the world of coasters, I think I prefer metal framed powerful but smooth coasters like EE and RNRC. But the starry feel in there was pretty cool.

We exited space to see Wishes overhead, which was great, then took the behind-Main-St path to the exit and the standing-room-only bus back to CBR. This was the only time I didn’t enjoy the bus, because we were tired and had achey feet, and the drive back and the circling around the resort took almost twice as long as it would have earlier in the day. We were just tired. But altogether it was an AWESOME girls’ night. :slight_smile:


Day 4: Magic Kingdom and departure day

Even though we slept late (for us) and took time to pack, we made it to the MK entrance by 9:05. I almost prefer arriving right AFTER rope drop, which avoids the shoulder-to-shoulder pushiness. We had such a great morning: Peter Pan, IASW, the carousel (and the stepsisters and Lady Tremaine were on it while we waited, ha ha!). Then back to Tomorrowland – DS was saying he wanted to “go back to outer space” – so we rode Buzz 2x with no wait at all. After that we took a spin on the Peoplemover, and then had lunch at Cosmic Rays. It was my first time back in there since my 1980 trip with my parents too, and boy did I have some strong emotions (missing my dad.) I really liked it there, and the burger toppings bar was awesome!

After lunch we drove a car at the Speedway again, and then moved on to my happy place – Adventureland. We went to Sunshine Tree Terrace for ice cream, and DS said, “Mama, can we p’ease go on dose magic carpets?” and who can say no to that cuteness ?!? So we went on the magic carpets. One thing I love about Adventureland is all the jewels and little treasures you can find in the concrete pathways. That made waiting in line really fun. After that, my beloved Tiki Room, and then we walked to Frontierland to take the train to the park exit. DD and I shared some tears saying goodbye to the castle from the train station, and then it was time to head home. Sigh!

You know, when we left, I was feeling so exhausted – but looking back on it, wow, what a wonderful time we had in just a few days!!! And my kids were so sweet with each other, and so much fun to be with!! :slight_smile: I can’t wait to go back… :slight_smile:


I’m loving your trip report! I think your special night with DD7 sounds wonderful. I’d love to do that with each of my boys sometime.

Great report! Did the potty training with DS go okay? We had our DD in pull-ups pretty much the entire time we were there, but now that we are back home, no more! She seems okay with it and there was no regression that we can see, but she’s not totally there yet regardless.

Love the trip report. Sounds like you had a great time!

Loved your trip report!

Hi @eriinfo! Thanks for asking! I had DS in diapers for most of the trip. He used the potty whenever we took a break, and voiced being really uncomfortable whenever he did actually pee in the diaper and wanted a change right away. Once we were home, his first day back in preschool and full-time undies, he had two accidents, but since then, the rest of the week has been dry – so looks like no big problems! Well, one problem – DS has super sensitive skin. (Like, so sensitive that when he was a few weeks old he had a diaper rash so bad that I couldn’t wipe his skin for four weeks – instead I had to bathe his bottom in a tub of water at every diaper change, whew!) Anyway, he is kind of broken out right now, and I suspect it is from sweating inside the diaper, which must be a lot less comfortable than cotton undies. But other than that, we’re good! :slight_smile:

What a fun trip report! I wonder if we might have crossed paths at some point on Monday morning, as we did several of the rides you all did, though probably at different times! Wasn’t MK just glorious with the low crowds? I have never seen anything like it! I’m so glad you all had a wonderful trip. :smiley:

Great report! So glad you liked CBR. We were planning on staying there but with the closing of the kiddie pool area we moved. That was huge reason we decided to stay there. Well, that and FD. We’re going to book BB when we’re there soon and I’m thinking we’ll try CBR.

Thanks, @SallyEppcot! Our first several trips were just the two of us – DD and me – while DS was still a baby. Our first trip ever, actually, was right after his first birthday. I had promised it to her as a way to celebrate having been a big sister for one whole year (which required a lot of waiting and patience on her part, you know? But she loves it usually – they’re great together.)

Anyway, I love the freedom that we have when it’s just me and her, but soon SHE started insisting that her little brother come along because she just missed him too much when we leave him at home, ha ha! So we’ve had some good threesome and foursome trips.

But now we’re planning my 40th birthday trip for later this fall, and I think she is ready to do a just-the-girls trip with me again. :smile: I am looking forward to when DS is her age, though, and we can do just-the-two-of-us trips too. :slight_smile:


Lovely! I wish we lived closer so I could do the same.

I know! I am so sad that I wasn’t able to make it to the MK meet! I bet we did pass each other in MK – I had thought that while reading some of your other posts, ha ha! And yes, it was so great… though I’m a little spoiled. On our first trip ever, it was this time of year, and an 8am EMH at MK on our first day, and instead of crowds we walked right onto Peter Pan with no wait five times in a row. Nothing afterwards could compare to that!! But yes, this was awesome. We went onto Space with a 45 minute posted wait and actual was about 20. Splash was a 35 minute posted wait and actual was 18. I was very grateful for those! :slight_smile:

I know – it closed the day after we checked out, and if it had been closed during our stay I might have changed too, because that was one of the main reasons I wanted to stay there with DS2.9. He loved it! Unfortunately DD7 is over 48 inches and a supervisor was watching, so the lifeguard wouldn’t let her play and she had to stay in the big pool, but I understand, the little kids need their own space. In the food court, they serve several kids’ meals in those same sand pails that they use at AK in Restaurantasaurus, and they were awesome – when DS2.9 was tired and needed some downtime, we’d just plop down on the sandy beach and scoop sand for a while. :slight_smile:

Do your boys miss each other when they’re apart? I think they have the same 4 yr age difference as my two, if I remember from other posts – is that right?

They’re 3 years apart, and have always been amazingly close. They love to do things together and have never done that sibling rivalry thing. I do think they would miss each other if I took them on separate trips. Next year is going to be hard on them both because Tommy will start middle school.