A Second Go Round Family Trip Report

A little background first: This was our second family trip and my first trip report! I am a private person and, honestly, not that interesting so I had some reservations about sharing our trip but I love reading others so bear with me as I give this a go. This is a bit long winded so be warned.

The Trip: June 17 – 22 with the purpose of checking out FL as a possible move for us in the next year. I won’t go into those details here but this could mean less full WDW vacations and more Disney day trips/long weekends. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. I tried to make the most of nighttime shows and EMH since we may not get this luxury in the future. I also challenged myself to cut cost this go round by staying in a value resort and skipping the park hopper option/paid events. I did succeed in spending half the amount we paid for out last trip.

The Crew: DS9, DS7, DD4, DH, and myself (the only Disney fanatic of the group)

A Few Pre-Trip Goals:

DS7 wants to ride SDD, TOT, join Mom in cupcake “challenge” where we eat an iconic cupcake or sweet treat in every park, and most important sodas at Club Cool
DS9 wants to go to HS
DD4 does not want to miss the carousel and teacups
DH has no requests, is happy just walking around WDW

Seems simple but things will change…

The Accommodations: AOA Finding Nemo Family Suite. I have thoughts.


Up before the crack of dawn for our 8:35 flight, everything goes smoothly. All of the kids are whining but we are on our way! I keep my eye on the prize! I am feeling so much stress from the chaos of the previous week. I need to shake this now. We land just before 11am and we go straight to the Magical Express queue. We are in the bubble now with magic bands on. I’m in my happy place and feeling calm but excited.

We check in at AOA. I have already checked in online but DH and I couldn’t remember what pin we used for our magic bands previously so we want to set that up again. I also wanted to check on my room request. I sent the TP room request fax 4 days before so I was curious to see if it worked. We are going to be on the correct floor and building so I feel positive. I just didn’t want to face the pool so we will see when our room is ready. Fingers crossed. We head to Landscape of Flavors for lunch. I had already anticipated that this would be chaotic and it was. I appreciate the selection of foods but it is overwhelming with 3 kids and DH going in different directions. The kids are absolutely crazy at this point, understandably. I had already decided what I wanted for lunch but they didn’t have it now so I am trying to make a decision, while holding an armful of refillable mugs, kids literally running circles around me, and DH is heading in another direction. This is reality, folks! We get our food and pay finally but I am left with a sad looking piece of pizza when there were so many better looking options. We move on! We had our swim suits with us but the sky was looking iffy so we walk the resort. The grounds at AOA are amazing! I thought it would feel very cheesy and kid-centric but I am truly impressed. The kids love it! And, honestly, I do too. I’m in Radiator Springs, ka-chow! Even the landscaping is perfect. It’s starting to sprinkle rain now and I am growing a little concerned about our evening in HS. We get the text that our room is ready! We get to our room and it’s facing the pool, arghh. It’s at the end of the hall so maybe it won’t be too loud. We get to our room and it’s…ok. It’s smaller than I imagined. Last year, we stayed at AKL and it was amazing. We were spoiled. AOA just doesn’t live up. I didn’t expect it to be grand, by any means, but we are a little disappointed. It looks a little shabby, faded, and dusty? I don’t know if it is just a poor choice of carpet colors, cleaning not up to par, or if it’s because so many small children are in and out but it just looks more worn than I expected. Did it work for us, yes. Would I recommend AOA to friends, maybe. Would we stay here again, probably not. I would rather get a little more for my money. Plus this resort is so so crowded with young families that it’s a little overwhelming. I know we are also a young family but it’s my vacation, too, and I could use less “MOMMY! MOMMY!” coming from every direction.

And…it’s raining. Again, this is reality! The rain slacks off just in time for us to head to the buses and go to HS ahead of schedule. The kids are complaining that we have to leave instead of go swimming. (This will be an on-going theme) This will be our only time at HS so I am really hoping the rain will stay away. Spoiler - it doesn’t. We get to HS at 4:30 and have a little time before our first FPP. An adult drink sounds like a really good idea right now. I head to Dockside Diner with DD4 and DH takes the boys to a stand to get slushy drinks. The paper straws completely fall apart in the slushies. No fear! I have contraband plastic straws to save the day! Hee, hee. The drinks, the music, this is a good moment. Next up, FPP for Star Tours. DH and DD4 were on the fence for this one because DH gets motion sick easily but both decide to do it. I just love this ride. DS7, not so much. He just keeps repeating, “I don’t want to do this anymore!”. Uh oh. I currently have set up TOT, SDD, FOP, BTMRR FPPS and so on for DS7. He rode EE last year and loved it. He was a little dare devil! I’m not sure what happened but he’s terrified now and I know in this moment that he’s not going to ride anything more extreme than Star Tours. I will have to rethink some plans on the fly but I feel confident I can make it work! We eat at Backlot Express. It wasn’t too crowded which was great. I generally do not like eating QS because of the crowds but this was pleasant. We got out first “challenge” cupcake, the celebration Mickey cupcake, and it was terrible. I had read reviews that is was bad so I don’t know what I was thinking. It was like eating a tasteless marshmallow. Bleh. Now was when I had planned for DS7 and I to do TOT. DS7 takes one look and says, “no way”. DS9 is scared to do drops so he’s out. I go to TOT alone (not a bad thing!) and DH takes the kids to the Lighting McQueen show. It’s full-on raining now but we miss the worst of it while we are inside the attractions. Lucky so far! I meet everyone in the Cars area outside the McQueen show. DH says the show and the animatronics were impressive. The area outside, however, seems so boring after touring the Cars area of AOA. The kids are complaining and arguing because they are tired and now wet.

We head back toward Toy Story Land. I had plans to take DD4 to the Frozen Sing-A-Long but she is doesn’t want to go and acts like she is genuinely afraid. I have no idea what this is about but we skip it. Right now I am thinking what is up with my kids?!? Are they playing some kind of opposites joke on me?! DH and the boys do TSM and we all meet up at the exit. It is now 7:30ish and our FPP for SDD is at 8. We decide to hop in the AS2 queue. It’s a 30 min wait but not a terrible queue. This ride is very cute, fun, but short. We save the best for last - SDD. We had a FPP for myself and DS7 with the plan to get a rider swap for DH and DS9. DS7 does not want to ride now. We talk him into riding it because he has wanted to ride SDD for a year now and this is his only chance this trip. I will regret this decision because he ends up hating it. The CM was very nice about the rider swap and says that DS9 can go on now and ride twice. DS9, who was afraid to do any rides with drops, LOVES SDD and now wants to ride ALL the biggest rides. This is not in the plan!?!? Now re-planning in my head - I can just reverse the plan. That will work! It’s Disney! It’s magic! Poor DH comes off of SDD green. It was too much for him. In all fairness, it was more intense than I thought it would be. It’s not a thrill ride by any means but it IS intense if you are not a thrill seeker. We are done with this very long day. Back to AOA to unpack and sleep.


Today we are trying a late start until fireworks strategy. Normally we would start early and take a midday break but I will see how this goes. Already I am regretting the late start. The kids only want to go to the pool but the sky looks grim and there’s not really enough time. DS9 is arguing that there would be plenty of time if we didn’t go to MK. How dare I force everyone to go to MK! That’s no fun! DS9 is fussing with everyone and there is so much whinning. This is not relaxing. Oh, I think, Mommy needs a solo trip…

We take the bus to MK around 11:00. Rain is in the forcast but the sun is out for now, hooray! As we make our way down Main Street we catch the Move it! Shake it! Parade. The kids are unimpressed but I think it is a nice surprise to see Mickey and Minnie to start our day. I’m enjoying the moment. First stop, POC for DH and the kids. I wander around and see the egg roll cart. Oh, happy day! I’ve been wanting to try the cheeseburger egg roll for a long time and it does not disappoint. I would have eaten a second but we have a lunch reservation soon. I meet DH & the kids at the Tiki Room. I have never seen this show. Again, the kids are unimpressed but I think it’s cute. Weird, but cute. Next, we go to our reservation for Skipper Canteen. We’re early but they take us anyway after a short wait. I ask if we can sit in either of the dinning rooms, not the Crew’s Mess Hall. We get seated in the S.E.A Room in the back corner. This was perfect! It was quiet, relaxing, and the food was delicious. DH and I were actually able to have a little conversation. I had a second glass of wine as we listened to the POURING RAIN & THUNDER outside. We got lucky again that the torrential rain came during our meal. The only problem – our stroller is outside. Oops. Whatever, it will dry! It is still raining when we finish so we stay in the waiting area for a bit so I can rescue our stroller and for the rain to die down. Soon the sun is shining, thank you FL! We head to BTMRR. The plan was to get a rider swap for this one but after the SDD experience it is just DS9 and I. The FPP queue is long! I really wish wait times were posted for the fast pass line. DS9 loves this BTMRR, too, which makes my heart happy. Tom Sawyer Island is the next stop but it’s closed because of the storm. This is disappointing because we didn’t do this last trip and it’s one thing the kids actually requested. I look at my phone and see that our HM FPP window is about to open so we head in that direction. DD4 is scared so I remind her that the ghosts are silly here. She is laughing and giving them all funny names by the end. How does this ride get better every time? Everyone’s happy until we try to take the photo at the exit. DS7 gets upset and refuses to be in the photo but the photographer winks and says, “Oh, I got him in there.” The result is hilarious. He looks like a ghost. I couldn’t stop laughing at this.


On to Fantasyland. Somehow, I completely missed Gaston’s Tavern last trip so this is where we are headed for a treat. Of course, someone has to be unhappy at any given moment and now it’s DS9 who wants a Mickey bar. I keep my eye out for the cart but I’m not seeing Mickey bars anywhere. We don’t have time for a side adventure at this moment so I tell him he will have to wait and get one another time unfortunately. This did not go over well and the next hour was not a fun one. On the upside, I thought the lefou’s brew was delicious despite mixed reviews I had seen. The sky is looking dark again and the next FPP is SDMT. This was another one that we were going to ride swap. Instead, I sent DH and DS9 over and decided to skip it myself because DS7 still didn’t want to ride. This was a perfect time to ride the Carousel with DD4 and DS7. DD4 is so excited because this is her favorite. We park the stroller and it starts pouring. I dig out the umbrella that I had put in the bottom of the bag. Why did I do this?!? DS7 is screaming because he hates to get wet. Then I think, DH & DS9 are in line without any rain gear. Oops! I am not feeling like a master planner right about now. The rain stops. Thank goodness that was brief. We ride our rides and all is good. DS9 is happy now. I’m a little sad to miss SDMT but it is what it is. I am just happy to see DS9 happy and excited to be here. Ok, next attractions are inside. Good. DD4 and I go to Enchanted Tales w/ Belle and the boys go to Mickey’s Philharmagic. I love that you are taken to the secret side entrance with the Enchanted Tales FPP. So cute. DD4 was the Salt in the show and got to meet Belle. This was beyond adorable and DD4 loved it so much. Her bookmark from Belle is a now treasured item. I was so impressed with the Lumiere animatronic. So cool.

We head back through the castle, out of MK, and down the pathway to the Contemporary. The kids are really enjoying this. I think we all needed a break from the park and the Monorail is providing lots of entertainment. Hearing DD4 yell, “It’s the Mommarail, the Mommarail!” with such excitement is making DH and I smile. Approaching the Contemporary Resort takes me back to the 80’s, very nostalgic. We find a nice spot in the Outer Rim lounge and mobile order from the Contempo Café. With a cold beer in hand, this is nice. I have the vegetarian flat bread which is quite tasty. We look outside and it is pouring rain AGAIN. This time the rain is so hard we can’t see anything. I am thankful that we are once again inside but I am ready for this rain to move on out. I do not want to miss HEA. We walk back over to Contempo and select a couple cupcakes for today’s challenge. DS7 got the giant pink Minnie cupcake and I got the monorail cupcake. I did not know that these things had multiple layers of cake and frosting! I think I gained 5lbs eating this cupcake but it is worth it. Yum. Finally, it stops raining and we decide to take the “mommarail” back to MK for HEA. We get there with the crowds and find a spot on the hump behind the statues. Not a bad spot but the kids can’t see very well. DH and I takes turns holding DD4. DD7 is counting all of the fireworks, 165-166-167…The grand finally starts and I hear, “Oh no, OH NO, there are just too many to count!” I am exhausted and wet but this is a wonderful moment. I am feeling the love. Afterwards, we split and tackle the Speedway, Dumbo, Teacups, and Barnstormer. I love being in MK at night after HEA. I feel like we are free of the “plan” and can do whatever we want. Wow, this was a looong and wet day. All day touring may be too much for our little family at this stage but we did it and I think there were a number of great moments.



Original plan was to rope drop NRJ but decided after our MK day that I wanted to take it easy and avoid the rope drop crowd. We arrive at AK at 9am. We are walking to the entrance and DS9 tells us his crocs no longer fit and he can’t wear them today. I can’t make this stuff up! Our first stop is Island Mercantile to find some flip flops. They had nothing that worked. Moving on. Our first FPP is Dinosaur. I thought this ride was much more enjoyable this time around. I thought it was boring last trip. Now we go play at the Boneyard. Unfortunately, we don’t have much time to stay here so I lure the kids out with the promise of a treat. (Not my finest parenting moment but it worked.) DS9 hasn’t forgotten the Mickey Bar. Oh great, it’s just after 10 so I don’t think the carts will be open yet. I don’t want this battle today. And with a little hope, trust, and….there it is!! It’s an open cart and it has Mickey Bars! It’s a Disney miracle. DS9 gets his Mickey Bar. The kids get their treats. DH and I get coffee and a Tiger Tail. Delicious! Now, back to the hunt for shoes. We finally find some flip fops in one of the little shops next to KRR. Next we head to Africa for our Safaris FPP. The weather is perfect and the savannas are gorgeous. I think I would love this ride even without the animals. It’s beautiful. Now we are pushing it on time and won’t be able to walk the Gorilla Falls trail and see FOLK. I decide to give everyone a choice. DS7 and DD4 go with DH on the trail, DS9 comes with me to FOLK. This is good decision for everyone as the kids needed a little break from each other. FOLK was so fun and we ended up getting seated in the FPP section just by chance. We really enjoyed the Monkeys performance! We meet back up at Satu’li Canteen for lunch. I’m impressed that everyone eats without complaint. I’m not sure if it’s because the food is that good or everyone is just very hungry. Today we try the Lumpia dessert for our cupcake “challenge”. It was good but not what I expected. I thought it was going to be more of a pastry and really it’s an egg roll. Still very tasty. Last but not least, FOP. Oh, I have been looking forward to this! It’s DS9 and I for this one. DS7 originally had a fast pass but after his experience on Star Tours I modified his FOP FPP to Nav’i with DH and DD4. DS9 and I decided our next vacation should be to Pandora. It is just so breathtaking. A million thumbs up for FOP!


After a break at the resort with more rain, more whinning about not going to the pool, and a TORNADO warning, we head to the Polynesian via Minnie Van. We have a reservation for Ohana that I am really looking forward to. Our plan is to watch the fireworks from the beach afterward. Ohana was delicious but the kids are tired, whinny, and 2 of 3 didn’t eat much of anything. I’m rethinking our after dinner plan because noone cares about watching the fireworks. We walk out to the beach and the kids play in the sand. The Electric Water Pageant starts! Oh, this makes me happy! The kids love it even more than the fireworks. When that’s over we go back to the Poly, check out the shops, and get a Minnie Van back to AOA.


Today is an EMH day so we are up early. We arrive at Epcot about 7:45. Our main goal for EMH is for DS9, DS7, and I to ride Soarin’. I check the app and wait time for Soarin’ is 50 min, what?!? TT is down. Still, this is crazy. I’m not spending the hour waiting in line. We decide to go on Spaceship Earth which is a walk on. Get out, I check the app again. TT is open and Soarin now has a 20 min wait. That’s better so we head to the Land. DH and DD4 go on Living with the Land. I take the boys on Soarin’. The wait was definitely less than 20 min thankfully and we were seated in B1! I will say that was Disney magic. DS7 and I get our “challenge” cupcake of the day at Sunshine Seasons. This one is soo good, too. Next we spend some time in the Seas Main Tanks and watch Turtle Talk with Crush. I am so impressed with the technology of this show. Very cool. We go to Club Cool after this. DS7 is very happy and we try all the sodas. I had heard that the Beverly had changed but it tasted the same as it did last time. Next up is TT. We find a very cute Toy Story themed playground behind Mouse Gear so we decide to let the kids play there while we do the rider swap. This playground makes for very good photo opts! Everyone likes TT. It is very fun, not scary to anyone, and the boys (&DH) enjoy making car designs. While DS7 and I take our turn on TT, DH takes DS9 and DD4 on the Gran Fiesta Tour in the Mexico Pavillion. We meet for lunch at GG which was a little weird because not a single one of us care for characters. DD4 slept through the entire meal. DD7 wagged his finger at Chip and this happened (photo below). The characters here were feisty and it was kind of awesome. The food was good but I prefer LTT which is practically the same meal – but better. DS9 and I have a FPP for Soarin’ and we all meet back at AOA where we FINALLY go to the pool.


The Nemo pool at AOA is fastastic and made even better with a Frosé from the pool bar. I chuckle that this pool bar is always packed at all times of the day. These parents need a break! I can relate.


After swimming we catch the bus back to Epcot and head straight to WS. We explore the Canada pavilion and watch Oh Canada. That was entertaining. This is a really beautiful pavilion and the kids do not want to move on. We look in all the UK shops and then check in for our reservation at the Rose & Crown. I request fireworks view seating outside. The hostess said she would try but it’s not guaranteed. We had to wait about 15 min but our table was ready and it was outside with a perfect view. I am happy! The hostess then explains that there is also a viewing area we can go to if we finish before the fireworks start. DH takes this to mean that we shouldn’t stay that long. It’s already 8pm at this point so I think it’s reasonable if we stay through the show. Our food was wonderful but the best part of our meal (maybe our entire trip) was some extra special magic from the hostess. She comes to our table just before Illuminations begins and tells us that due to an unfortunate event she needs our help with a special guest. DH thinks she is going to tell us to leave our table for someone more important. I don’t know what is going on. She tells us that Mickey is stuck on the monorail and we need to start the fireworks for him. She gives the kids crowns and DS7 gets to start the fireworks with a special wand. The kids are AMAZED, DS9 says he didn’t think magic was real until THAT happened, and I may have a tear in my eye. I look around to see if other kids are doing this. No. It was just us. This is special.



Another early EMH day. Today’s goal for the morning was to get DS9 on Space Mountain. I am using all of my TP knowledge to get DS9 on the unplanned rides he now wants to ride. I can do this! We arrive at MK just before 8am. DS9 and I head straight to SM. DH takes DS7 and DD4 on BLSRS & the PeopleMover. SM is awesome. DS9 say’s it’s his new favorite. We meet back up and learn that DD4 was stung by maybe a wasp on the PeopleMover. Luckily, she’s fine and this ends up being uneventful. With Tomorrowland tackled we go the Cheshire Café for some coffee and breakfast. The Cheshire Cat Tail is a not to be missed treat! Soooo good. The kids split a giant Mickey donut and argue about who gets the largest piece because…siblings. I check the time, it’s 8:55. I do some quick thinking. DS9 and I can race over to Splash Mountain or BTMRR which are about to open! DS9 chooses Splash so that’s where we go. It’s a 20 min wait by the time we get there which wasn’t bad at all. This ride is so long! DS9 loves it and even holds his hands up on the big drop. I love it for it’s nostalgia factor. DH stays behind and takes DS7 & DD4 on the teacups which he hates. DH tells me later that Splash is one of his favorite rides. Now I feel extra bad for leaving him to ride the teacups. We meet back up and I take DD4 to meet Ariel. I tell DH to take the boys and wing it. This probably wasn’t a great idea but they can do without me for a little bit. It will be fine. The wait for Ariel is longer than expected but DD4 is ok with it and at least it’s indoors. The weather is great but now it is HOT. DD4 is in awe and too shy to talk to Ariel. It’s so sweet to watch. Now I take DD4 on Under the Sea. Short wait, awesome. This ride is better than I remember and I can’t help but sing along.

Now to meet back up with the boys. They come back with a giant popcorn bucket which I find comical for some reason. It’s about 11:00 and we are all getting hungry but we have FPP for Winnie the Pooh and PPF first. DS9 & DD7 are now on an endless loop of “Pooh” jokes. We head to CHH for lunch but I see that our HM FPP opens up in about 15 min so I make the decision to do that first so that we can make time for Tom Sawyer Island after lunch. The CM lets us tap in but we are told to watch our time because we were early. Oops. Sorry. I think to myself I need to plan an Fall trip just to ride HM at Halloween. That would be so awesome. We go the CHH and find a nice quite table upstairs and mobile order. I decide to try the pot pie. It doesn’t look like much but I think this was the best pot pie I have had in my life. I think it will be my go to QS meal in MK from now on. At this point I had started trying to get a Splash FPP for DH. Refresh, refresh, refresh…got it! Now I try for a second FPP so that DS9 and go with DH. This one is taking a while but I can do it! In the meantime we go to Tom Sawyer Island. I’m so glad we were able to make time for this. It’s a really need little spot and the kids have a ball just running around a little. I get the second Splash FPP! I am high fiving myself and then DH says Splash Mtn just went down. What?!? No! Yes. Splash is down. Bummer. But we get 2 anytime fast passes so DH & DS9 can wait for it to come back up or go on another attraction. They choose to go back on Space mountain. DH had skipped it in the morning because his stomach wasn’t feeling great but now he wanted to ride so this works. I feel proud of my efforts. As DH and DS9 go to SM, I take DS7 and DD4 to IASW at the request of DS7. I snag FPP for all 3 of us and we head back to fantasyland. DD4 falls asleep on the boat. It IS relaxing. I look at DD7 and his excitement and realize this might be his favorite ride. It was mine as a child, as well, and it holds a special place in my heart. I’m so glad we didn’t miss this one because this ends up being an unexpected special moment. We plan to leave and meet DH & DS9 back at AOA but we just happen to meet at the exit of MK.


After a little rest in the room we take the bus to Disney Springs for an early dinner at Homecomin’. Despite at epic meltdown by DD4 this was a fantastic meal. The cheese grits are what dreams are made of! I highly recommend. I really wish DH and I could have an adult only evening in Disney Springs. It looks so fun. However, this evening the kids are making things miserable. Whining, arguing, misbehaving, you name it and they are doing it. I am at my limit and feeling upset. DH is understanding and supportive. We are all exhausted. This is reality! It happens. With perfect timing, my plan for the night is to head back to MK solo. I just want to see HEA one last time and no one else is up for it so tonight is my night. DH takes the kids back to AOA to play in the arcade and go to bed. I take the bus to the Poly and catch the monorail. I decide to put a stay at the Poly on my bucket list. I get to MK at 9pm and start weaseling my way through the crowd. I want to get close but I only make it to the hub. It’s an ok view but I think I like the hump better. This is where I get a little emotional. I lost my Father recently and the “You’re in my heart” portion of the show just gets to me and here come the tears. I’m a little embarrassed and hoping that no one can see me in the dark. Once the show is over I am like a salmon swimming up stream trying to get to Tomorrowland. I had gotten a FPP for Space Mountain earlier. First, I wanted a slushy. I had wanted one all day. I find one at the Lunching Pad. It was bad. I regret this purchase. The straw was covered in rock candy which makes it difficult to drink and it is all just too sweet. Not refreshing at all. Yuck. I get to SM and the FPP is sooo long. Again, wish I had a wait time for this! I try to get another FPP while I’m waiting. I am hoping for SDMT but I know that would take a miracle. BTMRR! Yes, I’ll take it! Who knew getting fastpasses would be so much fun. Or maybe it’s just me because I’m a big nerd! Two burly men get into the ride vehicle with me and I think to myself that DH is going to have a laugh when he sees this ride photo. I head out and cross the park to BTMRR. I have so much fun on this ride. It is so much better at night. What a perfect end to the day!



It’s our last half day. DH and the kids eat breakfast at Landscape of Flavors while I finish packing. With breakfast we used all of our snack credits on the DDP and we had QS credits left for lunch. I feel like this is an accomplishment and my meal planning paid off. We drop off our bags at bell services and take the bus to Epcot. DH & DS9 have FPP for TT. We plan to get a rider swap since both boys want to ride again but we’re running behind schedule. With some quick thinking I send DS9 to the single rider line with a 10 min wait and give DS7 the FPP with DH. DS9 was confused and I worried after the fact that he would somehow get lost or separated. They all come back together but DS9 says he didn’t get to design a car in the single rider line. Lesson learned but at least they all got to ride and we are still on schedule. I take DD4 and DS7 on FEA. DS7 is not a fan. He says it is too loud and wet while I’m the annoying person singing along in the back. Sorry not sorry, I love this ride. They all love the Viking hats and swords in the gift shop. We walk trough WS and have lunch at Katsura Grill. We decide to eat inside because we are all hot. Bad choice. It is way crowded and we have to eat at separate tables. The food is just ok. Not terrible but not great. Last stop is Mitsukoshi. We all enjoy this store. I think it’s my favorite of WS. Ok, this isn’t the last stop. We have one random QS credit left so DH goes to Les Halles and gets 3 sweet treats to go. Now we have to say goodbye WDW. We take a friendship boat to the Dolphin and pick up our rental car. After dropping by AOA to pick up our bags we leave for the beach. This was a FAR better exit than the tragical express. Now I am already looking forward to the next trip. DH and I agree that I am due a solo trip which has me planning already!


Thank you for your report! I have never heard of anyone being asked to start illumiNations! Magical!


Great trip report and great job going with the flow! We can plan all we want but the kids, weather, etc., can change all that.

I was disappointed to hear that AoA was not totally up to your expectations. We are staying there for the first time for 2 nights in late October but had read similar comments before so have hopefully set my own expectations at the right level. My grandsons adore Cars so hopefully it will be worth it still.

Thanks for sharing!

It’s really not a bad resort at all! It wasn’t our perfect fit but there’s lots to love, too. Your grandsons will really enjoy it!

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I think we’ve all been there!!

Great report! And great job going with the flow with the kiddos. Your DH sounds like a real trooper and the two of you seemed to work well together to keep the kids happy (and therefore also keeping your sanity intact!).


Our girls got to help Elsa “start the fireworks” when we ate at Rose and Crown a couple years ago. They were in awe. It’s one of our favorite Disney memories. I’m glad your kids got to enjoy it too!


That pic is a classic!!


What a great report!!! Thank you for sharing with us. Sounds like you handled whiny kids, changed ride preferences, and inclement weather like a boss!!! Well done!


You were a superstar the way you dealt with kids changing their minds and different FPs for different people!

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