A really bad idea...why am I considering it?

I just got back from a little trip “home” this weekend. It was humid and miserable (record setting heat for this time of year). Unlike every other Floridian, I love cold weather. Love. It.

So here’s my crisis…such as it may be. This Thursday is going to be colder. I’m considering taking the Hoodlums back just for the day.

My logical self says “money gone, kids have school, money really gone, long drive for a day trip, money not there anymore, did you forget?” But my Disney side is mumbling things like “cold is so rare here, #YOLO, if not now, when?”

Does anyone else here have that annoying need to go “home” for really crazy reasons?

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I have been booking rooms and cancelling rooms all week because I NEED to be at Disney but I know I NEED to be at work and at all the other things I NEED to do. So I am weighing the idea of driving over after work so I can be there watch the castle light up for the last time when it is colder outside because it just feels so wonderful. So, I don’t know how long you would be driving or why you need to spend so much money, but I will back any decision you make.

I’m waiting until I go to a training tomorrow to see if I really need to be at the one on Saturday. Maybe Disney?

Not such a bad idea… There have been worse :wink: not sure how long the drive is for you but ours is about 3 hrs And when I was prego last year… I wanted to drive home, to the poly, for pork nachos! Now that’s crazy!!! Hahaha! So do it! (Ps… I love cold weather too…)

I’m with you on the heat. We were there Sunday and it was barely bearable. I’m really missing my beautiful weather in the center of the country! LOL Where are my seasons? We moved to Tampa in July and I’m still depressed.

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Given a 7-hour drive (each way), “crazy little trips” are not really an option. But if I was within 3 hours, there would be LOTS of them…

I’m from Mexico, @brishrison. You can drive to WDW?!?! What are you waiting for?

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