A proud dad

So feel free to ignore this completely but I wanted those who love Disney to see the results so far of my kids stay at home project. About a month ago, the finally convinced me to let them start a Youtube channel about Disney from a kid’s point of view. They’ve worked hard planning, writing scripts, shooting and editing. Its not professional and they will never be big time Disney influencers but boy are they having fun! If you want to check out their work so far, here’s the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5N66F7dBq0kIH7N6TUnDfw
Thanks for letting me brag on my kids for a bit. Back into the shadows I will go!


Don’t be so sure. :slight_smile:

And they were great, good job!!


You are kind. I’ll pass on your encouraging words!

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These are so amazing! They did a great job - they obviously put a lot of work into them. They could definitely have a future as influencers :slight_smile:


It was great, loved it!

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Thanks so much! Ill pass this on!

Thank you! You are kind!

Tell them - Great Job! And I especially loved hearing your son’s thoughts on the resorts since he put a value resort at the top! Now that the Sky Liner is here, even his one negative of the buses is somewhat mitigated.

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Very cool! :slight_smile:

Fantastic! Tell your kids my family enjoyed watching them. We really liked the hotel review video. Although we were all very surprised that Art of Animation ranked as #1 over all the others. I guess it’s time we tried it!
Overall it was very well produced. Congratulations kids!! Keep up the great work.
Also, loved the posters in the background. :smile:

I didn’t watch more than just a couple clips to see what they were doing, but I love the gumption they have in doing this! I think not only is it great for their self-confidence, but it is also a great way to learn something new. They will learn the art of creating a video, including refining through editing, pace, tone, etc.

I’ll try to find time to watch through them more when I can.

Cant believe you all took the time to watch! Im sharing each comment with them and they are smiling!!! I think as Ryan1 pointed out, the learning is such a huge thing! They are learning planning, writing, attention to details (for example we left out an audio track in the intro to the latest video),public speaking and I see their confidence growing! Thanks again to all of you for taking the time to watch and write!

Dying to know why your son would not recommend Beaches and Cream. :joy:

This is equally hilarious, impressive, and so sweet! You should be proud!!!

Well done.

How cool! Great job by the kids and what a fun idea to keep the Disney magic alive right now!


You are kind! Thanks so much! They have made me laugh!