A poll, a poll! Help me decide where to stay

I am staying on DVC points next week, 4/11-4/17. I was booked for a split stay (because nothing was available the entire week when I booked), Standard view studio Poly 4/11-4/15, Garden/pool view studio Boardwalk 4/15-4/17. I normally like a split stay, but I wasn’t crazy about the idea during COVID. Staying at Poly (which is the only Deluxe or DVC resort I’ve never tried) was growing on me, mainly because I love macadamia nut pancakes.

Then a waitlist request for Boardwalk I forgot about came through, and while it solved the split stay issue, and opened up a world of QS food options not really available at Poly, I found myself really sad about not staying at Poly now.

I just looked and the studio at Poly is still available, so I could switch back if I wanted to. I’d still be staying at Boardwalk the last 2 nights. I can’t decide. What say you, Liners… should I switch back?

  • Stay at Boardwalk
  • Stay at Poly

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You know the drill:
Who is going?
What are your plans?

I am inclined to say Poly, but if your plans are mostly at EP and HS I would vote Boardwalk. OTOH if you’re mostly planning MK and EP, I would vote Poly.

I am also inclined to say Poly because I love it there so much, but with the construction I know it’s not quite the same … which would make me say Boardwalk

Oh heck ask someone else.


I was just there (at the Poly)and honestly the construction is not a huge impact. We did see them moving some furniture out of one of the buildings, but construction noise was virtually non-existent.

I’m just not a fan of the Epcot resorts - maybe it’s because I live where most of them are themed off of, so it’s not the change of scenery I’m looking for.

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Poly theming is top-notch. I definitely feel immersed in a whole other place when I am there. I’m glad to hear the construction has had minimal impact to that.


I love split stays, and I was sad for you when you cancelled, so I picked Poly/BW

Unless you would like to save those points for another trip…

I was hoping the points would decide it for me, but it’s really only a difference of like 12 points, due to the BW room being a non-standard view.

My plans are kinda evenly split. We’re not RDing HS at all, so that’s a BW benefit we won’t use, but not being able to use the monorail at Poly is annoying, to say the least, because it means our easy food options are Captain Cook’s and Kona and that’s it. I’m also not sure what it means for early entry at MK, because I’m not sure how early the boats will start.

But the path is always open…

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Are you getting hoppers? At boardwalk I would want to hop into Epcot to eat.


I was just at the Poly again today, I like it better than BW… I like the theming, it feels comfortable, but I’m a creature of habit… I go where I like over and over and over :wink: If you’re not RD’ing HS then you don’t need BW but you DO need macadamia pancakes and dolewhip floats :wink:

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The TTC is such a short walk from 2 of the buildings… Probably shorter than it would be to walk to the GCH from those buildings. Tokelau is the only dvc building that could be closer to the GCH. We were in Moorea, and it was literally 5 minutes.
You can also walk to GF in about 10 mins, which is likely faster than the monorail could do. CR is the one that’s harder.

I can’t say how early the boats start at Poly bc we can’t use them so we never looked into it. Poly boats are not wc accessible.
I do know that we made early entry both days we went to MK via the monorail with no issues. They are also running buses to MK to take some of the load off the monorail, but we never used it.

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I’ve not stayed at Poly, but we absolutely loved Boardwalk, so I voted that way. But honestly, I would have a hard time suggesting one over the other without really knowing the plans. Having Poly for each of access to Macadamia Nut Pancakes…err, I mean Kona…is nice, but if you are only going to do it once during the trip, perhaps not so much. We did go to Poly early to eat at Kona during our stay from BLT, and taking the boat over to MK from there was a bit of a pain…but it was super cold and windy, and we had to wait a VERY long time. We determined, in hindsight, walking back to TTC and taking the monorail would have been faster.

If you like Poly, then perhaps it is fine. It isn’t really our vibe, but that totally a personal preference thing.

Ultimately, I think you can’t go wrong either way. You’ll have a grand time either way, I’m sure! :slight_smile:

You said it yourself, you found yourself really sad about not staying at the Poly. So stay there!


Personally, I’d switch to the first couple nights at Poly and then longer at BW, if that’s an option?

I’ve never stayed at either, but thinking about food options and parks proximity.

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I loved the Poly and if I could have figured out a way to never ever leave my Pool chair I’d still be there! But I have never been to BLT. It depends where you are going and what you want to do.


I voted Poly because you can get to MK easier from there if you rope drop.


I love Poly. The vibe and the theming are great. However, my family, without flinching, would choose BW every single time. The convenience of being able to WALK to two parks seals the deal for us. We enjoy the theming of the whole Boardwalk area as well…it’s just different than Poly.


I did the unthinkable, and asked the 7 year-old’s opinion. She said she’d prefer the creepy clown slide.


Ha-ha, but I ask my kids’ opinions sometimes also. Good news, it’s no longer a creepy clown, but Mickey and Minnie or something. It was refurbed last summer/fall.


Hah- my kids are older and they loved being spit out of a clown’s mouth. Glad I got the iconic photos while I still could.

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