A place to just watch "Celebrate"

I am looking for a place to watch “Celebrate” only… we are watching Wishes on a separate night from the TTC. The plan is to come back to MK after dinner one night to ride a few rides and do a couple of meets. We wanted to find a place with a decent view of celebrate but not so much be in the crowd, so that way once wishes starts we could dip out and take advantage of shorter lines… any ideas? can you see celebrate from the back side of the castle??

You can’t see it from the back side of the castle.

Between the plaza restaurant and the Tomorrowland terrace there is a gate that is sometimes open providing a “backstage” path to town square, coming out near the chapeau (as Main Street is usually packed). Two nights in July when we were there it was open. In any case, it has a pretty unobstructed view of the castle, and wasn’t crowded.