A non-refundable mistake?

I booked a non-refundable Disney Springs hotel not realizing it was Food and Wine half weekend. :persevere: How bad will the Food and Wine Festival be on Saturday? This is the ONLY day we can go for this season. It’s just the hubs and me. No kids. Should we just look for non-park things to do, book another park, or should we brave the crowds?

It’ll be crowded for sure but not unmanageable with realistic expectations. I suggest you rope drop world showcase and do what you can before the crowds creep up. Get the food and wine app to help make your list.



We were there last year. We went to HS on Saturday and Epcot on Half-marathon Sunday. It was fine! We did everything we wanted, TT twice, ate and drank around the world. Entering Epcot during the marathon was a little weird (the last people were running) and sometimes traffic was diverted, but we did not regret it at all! We had so much fun.

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And please remember that runners have the right of way. Thanks!!


There’s an app? This could be a game changer.

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It still needs to be updated but it’s awesome. Helps me pick my faves and new things and even gives me a summary that shows me how much I should budget.

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I’m a runner, so I’m always looking out for them! <3


Are you also a runner?

If so, which events do you tend to run?

I do run. Have done several Disney races. But I’m taking the next year off from Disney races. Sticking to 5 & 10ks for a while.

awww, too bad. I was hoping to see if we could do a meet up during dopey week. :disappointed_relieved:

Oh well, there’s always 2020…

I’m around disney more often than my family would like. Lol. Never know when an opportunity may arise.

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