A nice surprise... with restrictions

So I nominated my husband for a healthcare hero in a jet blue sweepstakes. He was picked as a winner! We just received two round trip vouchers for jet blue. They are good july 2020-july 2021.
So here’s the issue: the tickets have blackout dates… a lot of them. Between our schedules and DD school, we can probably swing a 5 day trip in either late january or february.
I’m already getting the feeling Disney won’t have anything open for booking those dates (of course anything is possible). But with my daughters age, and finances, we can’t see using the voucher to travel any further than florida, because we would still have to factor in the cost of a third plane ticket.
soooo. long story short, tell me all the things to entertain a 6 year old (who’s not 44 inches in height yet) that we can do in orlando just in case disney isn’t available. And I’d love some idea of decent hotels (under $200 a night) that is near all the things.

and if you have any other ideas of where to travel to do other kid things, give me those ideas too!

Budget is kinda on the light side though… so not too extravagant.



I wondered about this. I have seen a LOT of people I know personally win this award. I figured with so many winners that are within my own circle, and knowing there are 100,000 (so 200,000 tickets) nation wide, there would be some pretty tough restrictions. That’s lousy :frowning:

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Legoland is perfect for that age, but it’s around an hour away.

But I would think you could book something at WDW.


There is SO much to do in Florida beyond theme parks.
Would you consider a lovely vacation home? Or a condo in a community with pools, lazy rivers, etc?

Gatorland is one of my all time favorites Would you enjoy Legoland? There is LOT to do at SeaWorld, as well.

You could even consider a Tampa based trip. Visit Busch Gardens Tampa, Lowry Zoo, and Clearwater Aquarium where Winter and Hope live (has she seen A Dolphin Tale?).


Where are you?

Here’s another vote for Legoland.

Kids that age can be happy almost anywhere there’s water. And mud, maybe?

Henry Doorly Zoo? Omaha, not Florida. I’ve never been, tho family lived near Omaha for awhile. Supposed to be an excellent zoo.

It’s a nice zoo but Omaha in Jan/Feb is not usually super pleasant.

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That’s true. Overlooked that part of it! :rofl:

Yeah it’s pretty much all the holidays, weekends, Super Bowl week (Florida only) and a bunch of random other things.
Plus I also work at a hospital so I have to work around my weekend shifts as well.

I think I’d prefer a hotel just because I’ve heard horror story’s with covid and people booking air bnbs getting screwed over
My daughter needs to be active for sure. Otherwise she will drive us crazy!

I’ll look into LEGO land/gator land!
Busch gardens is definitely a possibility! I didn’t think of that.

Would universal be a good pick? I know the rides there are bigger but is there other stuff to do?

LEGO land is perfect at 6. If it’s on your bucket list go now, if you wait much longer she won’t enjoy it as much. Rides are all geared to the under-44” crowd as I recall.

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Hey! I love Legoland. :grin:

I know what you mean though. Legoland for older families is really for big Lego fans, or ride wimps. I am definitely both. But I spend more time looking at the Lego models than riding anyway.


I loved it too when my boys were the right age. It’s genius really, a theme park for kids where the “big rides” are sized down so that just about everyone can ride. And the LEGO displays are really cool!

I think I’d look for a resort hotel in the Tampa area, one with a fun water area. Do a day trip to Legoland - there’s so much cool stuff in the California one. Haven’t been to FL Legoland yet.

Do Busch Gardens Tampa - is it open yet? One year we went to Busch Gardens and the MK buckets were there, going across their Serengeti. Probably not there now. We had our 2 youngest grandkids

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