A New Plan- What do you think? - Waterparks

We have a 10 day stay with only 5 day tickets (with park hopper plus). Because we planned to go to the water parks on our non park day, we now have 3 non park days in our trip planned. I can’t imagine spending 3 whole days just hanging at the resort, plus the 2 travel days in which we will not go to a park.

My new thought is Volcano Bay. Has anyone done just that water park for the day? What are your thoughts on the whole idea: Travel (would have to uber). The park itself (fun for a day visit?)

I surely wouldn’t need an express pass for just Volcano Bay would I?

The park is amazing! We only did a morning, we were staying at HRH so had early entry at 7.30am and were getting dressed again to leave by 10.30ish. So I’m not sure how busy it will be throughout the day.

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It might depend on what day you plan to go. I’ve heard that VB has reached maximum capacity since opening, and since you are staying offsite from Universal, I’m not sure how that affects your chances of entering.


Good point. Thanks for that. I was looking at tickets yesterday hoping they were date specific tickets, to ensure entry, but unfortunately I don’t think they are.

We went twice last year to Volcano Bay, and have small trip coming up July 3rd to 5th, and are spending all day the first day at Volcano Bay, then dinner at city walk. We love it, it you can spend most of the day there no problem.

I dont think you need express passes for Volcano Bay because of Tapu Tapu.
Weather is really the only issue.

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The issue with Volcano Bay is that on-site guests have early entry. It might close before you can get in.

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