A new game: Transportation!

I’ve stayed at CR, AKL, CBR, POP, ASM, and SoG. Based solely on transportation, I think CR, AKL, and POP are all pretty much a tie when you average in all 4 parks and DS. CBR and AS would be on the bottom of my list, with SoG in the middle.

I’ve now stayed at each category - Value, Moderate, Deluxe. Hands down the best bus transportation was POP! Beach Club is great for walking to Epcot, but the bus system was disappointing to me.

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Ooooh, I always like it when I’m right! :grin:

It seems taking into account the reverse direction didn’t really alter the results.

I can relate. I get that feeling ALL the time. :wink:

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Is this for your anniversary trip? If you I would choose Beach Club. For an adults only trip it is super awesome to be able to walk to Epcot/Swan/Dolphin for a nice dinner or stroll around the Boardwalk at night. Plus you’ve got the benefit of walking to 2 parks.

that would be interesting, since the YC/BC bus stops at YC first on the way back…maybe not so much in the “with” DS but will make it real close on the “without” DS

Maybe. :wink:

I’m trying to determine the BEST back-up alternative in case we can’t secure a BLT 1-bedroom standard view, but there are so many factors, I thought isolating out important features separately might help.

I like Boardwalk or Beach Club, but my wife isn’t sold on either…not exactly our vibe. We’re looking at WL BRV now, but no one mentioned WL in their list for transportation, so I find that interesting.

Yea I was thinking WL but it doesn’t seem
At all convenient for me… I think staying there looks awesome and an adult trip I’d be less worried about travel time.

With adults only I would definitely stay Epcot area and plan to Uber/Lyft any time the bus did not show up as 5 minutes out when I was ready to go. That was the most frustrating thing I found about the buses at the Swan/Dolphin (and I’m assuming something similar happens elsewhere) was that the default seemed to be to show a bus would be there in 14 minutes. But then every minute that went by, the ETA would go up by a minute also. What I assume was happening, was there was not yet a bus actually heading to the hotel. Once one actually left the park to head there, it would take 14 minutes. But until that happened, the system has no idea when the next bus will arrive (and neither do you!). Once the time dropped below 10, I knew it was actually on its way and I should fold up strollers and get ready to board.

Without kids, I wouldn’t mess with that. Once I have kids who don’t need carseats, I won’t mess with it either.

Technically, we will have a car. But we’re trying really hard to plan as if we don’t have one for the sake of “purity” of experience. That is, to try to stay in the bubble. Now, if we have to resort to using our car, we can. But we’d prefer not to. That would make it seem, if only for a few minutes, an off-site stay! :slight_smile:

Adults only, I would plan on drinking more adult beverages and would not want to be expected to drive myself

How would this change if it was just for visiting MK?

Fourth: Boardwalk
Third: Beach Club
Second: Polynesian
First: Contemporary

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Be interesting to throw in the AKL. Intuitively one would expect the transportation time to be pretty terrible, which is why we’ve never stayed there. It doesn’t seem well-positioned for afternoon breaks, either. I think I’d really like the resort though- maybe if we get a chance to stay longer next time and can spend more time at the resort.

We loved the poly for it’s convenience for both MK & EP.

We’re pretty sold both on staying off-site and on driving our own car, but I love the idea of staying at YC/BC and getting to eat in Epcot as much as I want to.

Surprisingly, it comes out to 78 minutes without DS, and 104. This puts it fairly close to Boardwalk. Now, all of these numbers are fuzzy numbers, and could be out of date. Also, not sure it fully accounts for the time you might sit waiting.

This is our norm (staying off-site and driving). We’ll be doing it for our May 2020 trip with the family. But our 25th anniversary trip is us sort of recreating our honeymoon and splurging to stay on property. Our honeymoon, we stayed at Dixie Landings (aka POR). But we’re a bit “wealthier” this time around!

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The time sitting/waiting is where the Boardwalk area wins hands down! No boat in sight? Start walking.