A Mouse for All Seasons: Help me plan my AP year

My parents recently relocated to Orlando for retirement, and as a liner this is clearly something I need to take shameless advantage of! :slight_smile: They actually now live close enough to AK that when you open MDE in their living room, the map doesn’t auto-center to the castle — all you see is a random expanse of unmarked green because the app perceives you to be somewhere on Disney property (even though you’re not)! Wild!

When I was in the World for a week in late September / early October for the 50th, I treated myself and upgraded my tickets to an AP. My plan is to visit for a long weekend for each Epcot festival, and then do another week-long trip just after Labor Day 2022. (Crashing at Casa de Mom & Dad each time.)

Festival of the Holidays trip is already planned/in progress (I’m actually sitting in the Omaha airport waiting to board as I type this), but I need Liner advice for the rest of the plan:

When would you go for Arts? Flower & Garden? Would you do right after Labor Day for the long Food & Wine trip or wait until a bit later in September? (AP expires 9/24/22 so can’t wait too long). My work schedule is very open, so there’s no particular time I need to avoid.


Good for you!!! I’m sure your parents love seeing you more frequently too :heart_eyes:

Luckily Mom is just as much of a Disney nerd as I am, so I’ll come down and we’ll head to the parks together. Dad not so much, but I’m sure we’ll drag him with us occasionally!

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FoA: very late January or early February
F&G: early May

Since your AP expires on the 24th I don’t think the weather will make much of a difference in September. If you have the choice The Weekends after Labor Day most likely will be less crowded .