A lurker’s trip report

I’ve been lurking in here for several months and since I love reading trip reports, I’ve decided to write one for my trip.

This is my 3rd trip to Disney. I went once when I was 13 with a friend and her parents, staying at a campsite in their motor home. They used something to the UG and I remember running through ques at the end of the night to go on splash and big thunder. My last trip was 3 years ago, in early December. DH and I took our girls, then ages 5 & 10 and my parents. DD10 had been saving money for years to go to Disney. We kept the trip a secret until we were in the airport. They were shocked and it was a fantastic week.

Around 5 months ago I found a conference in my specialty (I work in healthcare) hosted at the Contemporary and made a spur of the moment decision that I wanted to go! As a bonus, it was in March and I live in Maine so escaping the snow was perfect. And a bigger bonus, work paid for my flight and the hotel stay. We left the kids home for this trip, trying to keep costs down and didn’t want them to miss school. We didn’t tell them where we were going, aside from a conference in Florida (spoiler alert, they were not impressed when they found out we’re at Disney).

Day 1- the longest day ever.
We had a 5:30 am flight scheduled. The day before i got out of work early at 5, (9 hour shift instead of 12!) finished packing and got ready to go. We left the kids with my mom and drove 2 hours south with the dogs to my brother in laws house, he was watching them for the weekend. Went to bed at 9 and were up and ready to go at 1:30 am, headed south to the airport. Another 2 hour drive and we arrived to rope drop at Logan!

DH left his leatherman on his belt and didn’t notice until we got to security. He did the same thing last time we flew, but then we were in Portland and was able to run it back to the car. Not so easy in Boston and he ended up losing it. After a nice, boring flight we were at MCO by 9. The wait for DME was only 15 min and we were at the Contemporary by 10:30. We had brunch at the Contempo Cafe, which was good.
DH was surprised when the monorail came through the building. He doesn’t do planning, and doesn’t listen if I try to tell him about it, so I just leave everything as a surprise for him. It’s just easier that way :joy:.
The plan was to nap before DAH MK, but the room wasn’t ready. We had time to kill, so we enjoyed the beach, sun and heat (it was -10 f at home when we left) and rode the loop on the monorail. At 2 I got another text saying the room wasn’t ready, so we took a nap by the pool. By 3:30 i still didn’t get a room ready text. Checked at the desk and found out it’s been ready since 2, but my MDE and magic bands weren’t linked correctly. Not sure how that affected a room text but oh well. They ‘fixed’ it, but DHs band didn’t unlock the door and I later had to get him a different MB. We were in a garden room. It had a lovely view of the parking lot.

The bed was comfortable and there was plenty of room for the two of us.
We had dinner reservations at Grand Floridian Cafe at 5:20, the cafe sandwich was amazing, didnt take a pic though.

After dinner we were off to DAH MK! We arrived around 6:45 and got right in. I didn’t have a plan for the park, which felt weird, but it was nice to walk around and look at everything. First was Monsters laugh floor, where DH was put on screen as a mustache model :laughing:. Next was people mover, which we missed on our last trip. Lines for everything were still long, so we enjoyed the sights, then FaceTimed our kids (8&13) to check in. The castle was in the background and they were not happy when the figured out where we were! They decided they weren’t talking to us, but came around with the promise of a present. We watched HEA from the side of the castle
Next was Barnstormer, which was a bad idea. With all the bumps and being crammed into the seat, DHs back popped and it flared up his back pain. We went back to Tomorrowland and rode BLSRS, then wandered towards the other side of the park. The line for SDMT was 60 min and PP was 40 min so we passed those and went on HM. After a Mickey bar and some water we rode pirates, then BTMRR which was a 20 min wait. Skipped Splash since it was chilly and I didn’t want to walk around wet, so we found some popcorn and walked back toward SDMT, rode the carousel in the way. PP line was still long so we skipped it again. SDMT was 25 min or so around 10:30pm. By then DH could barely walk, but I wanted to ride space mountain so he sat in Tomorrowland and I rode, it was walk on by then. We made our way out of the park around 11:15.
Took the monorail bus back to the resort, and while we were waiting watched 2 guests have an absolute meltdown on a poor CM. I can’t imagine ever making a scene like that. On a side note, I saw another guy making a scene in the hotel, he was given anytime fast passes for not fitting on FOP and didn’t use them properly (they were used instead of his scheduled ones because he tried to ride outside the return time), and he demanded multiple fast passes for his group of 18. That’s a lot of pixie dust.
Anyway, we made it back to the resort around midnight and went to bed.

That felt really long, sorry everyone. Day 2 coming soon.


I love trip reports!! Keep posting!



Welcome out of Lurkdom!


Great report. Thank you for sharing. And don’t be a lurker be a …. contributor??? Not much rhymes with lurker!

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Day 2- conference and HS

After a late night, sleeping in would have been nice, but the conference started at 7am. I left DH to sleep in and went to the conference center. They provided breakfast which was nice. We ordered snacks from prime now, and DH managed getting those while I was gone.
Classes were done at 12:40, went back to the room to change and head to HS. Arrived around 1:30, first FP was at 1:55. I optimized my TP on the way and went to launch bay. We planned to meet Chewbacca but the posted wait was 45 min, so we saw BB8 instead, and met a storm trooper on the way.

We used our FP for RNC, bypassing a 2 hour wait. I love roller coasters, DH just tolerates them for me. Next was our FP for TT. I love that ride too, DH hates heights but toughed it out. After he announced that was the last time he’ll ever ride it. Fair enough. We had a 3:50 reservation for sci-fi, tried to see mike and sully on the way but the 30 minute wait would have made us late so we skipped it.
It was our first time at sci-fi, which was fun. Our meal took forever to come out, we didn’t complain but the manager came over and offered us free dessert and an any time FP for the wait. DH had the glazed donut for dessert and it was amazing!

It was 5:15 by the time we left dinner, we had a 5:15FP for SDD, but my TP had us going to Star tours first. The posted wait jumped from 5 to 20 minutes while we were walking there so we used our anytime FP (DH wasn’t a fan of doing RNC or TT again). DH is a huge Star Wars fan, we both love star tours. Can’t wait for SWGE. We promised to take the kids after it’s open (probably several years after).
Next up was Toy story area.

It wasn’t open last time we were here, love the detail! SDD wait was 85 min, but I was able to score FPs using fp4me.com. We loved the ride. Much more DHs speed for roller coasters.

We decided to skip AS2, and waited in standby for TSM for 50ish minutes. This is where I struggle. I’d prefer to RD and use TP to skip lines, but it wasn’t possible with the conference. Have to keep reminding myself this is a work trip with fun things on the side.
By this time it was 7, we went back to star tours and rode twice with no waits. We met Olaf and got a warm hug.

The plan was to watch SW fireworks, but we were tired and tired of crowds so we took the bus back to the hotel. Maybe next time, and there will be a next time… some day.


Great report!

I did the Leatherman on the belt thing once on a trip back from Seattle. That was my favorite model, TSA guy asked if I wanted a private moment with it when he saw my face after I realized I forgot to pack it. :smiley:


DH has his for 15 years. He tried to go back 5 minutes later after I convinced him we had time for him to go out and mail it, but it ‘was gone’ and he couldn’t do it. He was so sad.

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Love the thread title! I lurk too and making this my first post to say great trip report!


Great report ! Thanks! @WildernessLodger, I love your name!


Thanks! And thanks for joining me out of the lurking world :blush:


Thanks @PrincipalTinker!

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Day 3- Conference and Springs

After another morning of class from 7-1, we had a quiet afternoon planned. I picked DH up from the room, brought some beverages to the pool and swam a bit. Around 3 we got ready for dinner and too the bus to Disney Springs. While waiting for dinner reservations at 6, we found a bar and listened to live music with a margarita in hand.

Dinner was at T-Rex, somewhere we’d wanted to go last time but couldn’t fit it in the plans. I had the pork sandwich which was ok. Service was slow, but it was packed. Definitely a place to go for the atmosphere, not the food.

After dinner we wandered through some stores, then went to our Void reservations, which is what I got DH for Valentine’s Day. We got there early and were allowed right in. Had to wait maybe 15 minutes after checking in to start. It was amazing! If you’re a Star Wars fan, it’s absolutely worth it.
We wandered around some more, rode the ferry from one side of DS to the other then around 9 decided to call it a night. Stopped for a treat on the way out.

Back on the bus and off to bed. AK tomorrow!


I love trip reports. Thanks for sharing this!

Great to hear! Did you grab them that day or was it earlier?

I got them a couple weeks earlier. But it sent me a text of more available a couple days before as well

What’s fp4me.com? I tried to look at it but couldn’t find information, just asked me to subscribe. Congrats on scoring SDD FPP!

It’s kind of like the TP reservation finder but it’s for FPs. You put in the day, time and ride and set it to search. All they ask for is an email and I haven’t gotten any emails from them except for when I was notified a FP was available.

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Day 4- AK

The conference finished up at 9:30 and we had plans for AK for the day. We arrived around 10:30 and it was so busy! The posted wait for NJR was 50 minutes so we went there first. After about 5 minutes in line the wait jumped up to 80 minutes. It took around an hour to ride, not worth the wait, in my opinion. Next was our FP for FOP. The posted wait was 180 minutes, I almost felt bad breezing by everyone in line… almost

Loved FOP! I was kind of worried DH may not fit, he’s tall, but he didn’t have an issue. By the time we were done with pandora it was almost 1 and we were hungry. DH wanted pizza, so I mobile ordered, and hit we were there as we walked over. Had time to find a table and got the text that it was ready! After lunch we went to Asia for EE FPs.

My TP had us going to bug, but the wait for dinosaur was posted as 15 minutes so we went there. Just as we got in line it jumped to 30, but the wait wasn’t bad. We went back to the plan and went on tough to be a bug next. Stopped to meet Dugg and Russel on the way. And we saw Kevin!

We did some shopping, sat in the shade and had a frozen lemonade and spent some time people watching. Around 3:30 we started making our way to KS for a 4:05FP. Walked gorilla trail, then went on KS.

I had planned for dinner at flametree, but we’d both had enough of the heat and crowds so we went back to the resort for a swim and adult beverage. I made reservations for the wave on the way back to the resort. We had dinner at 8, the food was alright. I probably wouldn’t go back. Then we were off to bed.


Day 5- home

Today’s trip report is short. Up at 4 to catch the DME at 5. I’m not sure what as going on at the airport, but the line for security in terminal A was backed up to the food court! It went surprisingly fast. Didn’t have to take shoes off or take electronics out of bags. We took off at 8, ended up sitting next to a woman with a small baby, maybe karma for leaving the kids home?? :rofl: He was good. Back to Boston by 10:45 to start the 4 hour ride home.

Thanks for following along everyone. And for welcoming me out of the world of lurkers!


Sounds like a fun trip!