A loooooong trip report - A 25-years long dream came true

I am lying on my bed at CBR while DH is getting the lugguage ready.

I’ve got no clue how I will be able to board a plane tomorrow and going back to the normal life, where a lot of work awaits me, seems also impossible. No wale up calls from Mickey anymore, no shake hands with Alice or high-fives with Goofy. It was a wonderful first time visit here at Disneyworld. Thank you guys for sharing your knowledge with me. It helped me a lot to get the best out of our trip.

A long trip report will follow as soon as I am home. I’ve got to tell you a lot!


Can’t wait to read it!


Yay! I’m glad to hear it was a fabulous experience. Re-entry back into normal life can be sad, so be gentle with yourself. Talking about your trip helps, and we love to listen.


Re entry can be tough, doing a trip report will make it last a bit longer! Looking forward to reading it.
So glad you had a magical time and safe journey home.


Bring it on! :smiley: Glad you had a great time, safe trip home!


Glad to hear your trip was a good one. Safe trip home & looking forward to your trip report!

Ladies and Gentlemen, here we go. As you may remember, I am from Germany, so please excuse my English. I won’t put a focus on anything special, just tell you about my highlights, things I didn’t like and maybe some do’s and don’ts. I will start off this report by walking you through our park days and add some thoughts (Mousekeeping walking etc) at the end. Enjoy!

To explain the title of this thread: I dreamed of going to WDW since Disneyland Paris opened back in 1992 and there was a report about Disneyworld in the Mickey Mouse magazine. In the end, it took about 25 years to make this dream come true.

Arrival day:
We were up and ready to board our plane at Dusseldorf Airport. Unfortunately, DH is kind of a saving person so we were booked on a flight with two connections. This was so much cheaper than the non-stop-flight into MCO but so much more exhausting. In total in took 16 hours. Wouldn’t have been that awful, because everything went very smooth except for the flight from JFK to MCO. This was so shaky and I got a little sick to start my Disney vacation off. I was a little afraid of immigration at JFK. I read a lot about how it works and what can happen and it seems that only those people tell their stories on the internet that were not allowed into the US for some reason. In the end we were through this in a blink of an eye. The officer didn’t talk much. Just asked about our relationship, handed over our passports and we were finished.
Our flight landed at MCO a little late and we had to wait for our luggage for what seemed like eternity. We than headed over to DME check-in and were greeted by a very, very unfriendly woman. I mean, when you are working at such a location there maybe sometimes people who don’t understand everything or don’t know how things work. However, after we checked-in we hopped on the bus within a few minutes and off we went into the fun.
Unfortunately, it was dark, so no picture of the Walt Disney World entrance sign.
We were dropped off at CBR and went in to get our MagicBands. The online check-in desks weren’t available, so we checked in with a concierge. Again, not the way I expect to be treated by a cast member. He seemed a little annoyed by all my questions, but again: How should I know how everything works? But hey, in the end he handed us 1st time visit buttons, so we were all prepared and got over to bell service to get us, our luggage and the Garden Grover items delivered to our room.
Oh by the way, this is how we were greeted by the “Sunshie State”. It was raining cats and dogs the whole evening.

I requested room 4538 and got 4321. I didn’t care for the exact building or room. Just wanted to be in Jamaica, because it is the first bus stop and it is near the bridge over to Old Port Royale. The room was nice, but here in Germany I would never pay so much money for a hotel room.

Our package included a 200$ gift card so we boarded a bus to Disney Springs. Thanks to the rain we didn’t see much. Only ran to “The World of Disney Store” and got our gift card from a cute cast member. She was so amazed that it is our first visit and that we flew in all the way from Germany.

We than ran over to D-Luxe-Burger and had two amazingly good burgers with self-cut-fries.

Now it was time to board a bus again. It had been a long day and I knew we had to get up early to make it to our first BOG reservation in the morning.

Next: First day in the parks with MK, unplanned Epcot break and MK again


can’t wait to hear more :slight_smile:

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Long international trips are so exhausting! Thanks for taking the time to write!

Thank you for sharing! I’m sorry your start was so rough- those flights and connections are hard and exhausting.

Enjoying the report.

Day 2 – Magic Kingdom, Epcot and back

We were up at 5:45am to hop on the bus to MK to make it to our breakfast reservation at BOG on time. We hopped on the bus at 6:50 (heck, it was cold on that bus) and were dropped off at the bus stop. We strolled over to the entrance and were prepared for a long line at bag check, but could walk through as there was no line. We were pretty early so we had to wait in front of the station. But even waiting seems to be fun at Disney. I loved to watch the other people standing around.

At 7:45am we were let in and walked onto Main Street USA. And there it was. The moment I had been waiting for so long. Main Street, Cinderella Castle, the Magic. I literally had tears in my eyes.

We slowly strolled down Main Street, enjoyed the feeling, had our pictures taken and made our way to Be our Guest. We checked in and found a table in the West Wing. What a cool restaurant this is. The theming is absolutely great. Our order arrived after a few minutes. I asked the server how he knows where we are sitting and the answer was “It’s magic!”, of course. I had the Croque Madame, DH “Feast a la Gaston”. I liked the Croque Madame and the fruit, but found the pastries to be nothing special.

We were out of BOG far ahead of time and made our way to Winnie the Pooh, because it was the first step on the TP. We found 7DMT to be open already and got in line at around 8:40 with no wait. What a cool ride! 7DMT is not the biggest and fastest thing in the world, but it is real fun. I really liked it and looked forward to doing it again with FPP 20 minutes later. We walked over the Winnie the Pooh. Another cute ride. Not worth an hour of waiting, but a must-do. We were ahead of time and Peter Pan had only a 10 minutes wait, so we now boarded a ship to Neverland. I liked the pixie-dust-thing they do when the lap bars close. Originally, I didn’t plan to do Peter Pan as we have done it in Disneyland Paris and thought it is pretty much the same, but it is so much better at WDW. Again, a ride that is not worth an hour in line, but I would do it again with only a few minutes wait. We than rode 7DMT with FPP again. When we got off, we saw the lines building up. Even the FPP went nearly all around the “Mountain”. Crazy!

Now, Ariel was waiting for us. She was so cute and amazed when I told her that she is still my favorite. I really liked the experience. I know it’s just a Cast Member in a costume, but hey, that’s the magic of Disney and the child in all of us, isn’t it? After this we boarded a seashell for our journey under the sea and again I was amazed how good this ride was.
Now the park started to feel crowded and there were people everywhere. TP had predicted a CL5 for that day and I began to wonder if that could be right. In the end it wasn’t as the day was a CL8 and that is absolutely how it felt.
We made our way over to Mickey’s Phillarmagic, which is the best 3D-movie throughout WDW in my opinion. It’s a small world is the same as in Paris. Noisy and nothing special, but I liked that it said goodbye to us in the end. After this we used our FPP for Haunted Mansion and saw the Muppets-show at Liberty Square (was planned for the second MK day). TP told us to board BTMRR with a predicted wait time of 27 minutes now. The posted wait time was 60 minutes so we skipped on that und took the time to explore the lands.
We still had time left until lunch at BOG and decided to meet Minnie and Daisy at Pete’s Silly Sideshow. I liked the interaction, but really wondered that Daisy made a kissing sound when I hugged her. Always thought that they aren’t allowed to make any sounds. By the way, I have no clue how the Cast Members survive in those costumes.

We now went over to Enchanted Tales with Belle. I played a Knight and so got my chance on a picture with Belle. This show is so cute.
Now it was time for our lunch reservation at BOG. I had the onion soup and we both had the braised pork, which was really tasty. We were on the Dining Plan and I really wondered that the cashier offered to use a snack credit for the soup. Always thought Disney does not care to take more money.
After we finished lunch, we walked over to Adventureland and decided to do Pirates as it had only a twenty-minute wait. Nice ride, but nothing I have to see again. Now we had a fastpass for Jungle Cruise. I really don’t get why people like this so much. It is a boring boat ride and our guide was sooo bad. I think his biggest problem was, that he was the only one laughing about his jokes. This was the first and the last time I took a boat through the jungle.
The park felt more and more crowded now and we decided to spontaneously hop over to Epcot. I got us a Fastpass for Spaceship Earth and we boarded the Monorail (another thing I dreamed off doing). Spaceship Earth is pretty cool. I liked the video about our future. Now we simply strolled through the park and enjoyed the atmosphere. What a beautiful park!
Because we wanted to see Wishes that evening we had to go back to MK. This time we took a boat from the TTC. It was cold and windy but beautiful to see the park from this perspective.
We had a quick dinner at Cosmic Ray’s. I had the Angus Bacon Burger, which was quite good. Seems like Disney does a good job in feeding the masses.
We found a spot for Wishes directly in front of the castle. A little bit too close, but still beautiful.
I had snatched a Fastpass for Splash right after Spaceship Earth, so we now had to fight the masses. It seemed everybody was running to the exit, while we had to make our way to Frontierland. Splash was one of the rides I was most looking forward to explore and I really liked it. I expected to get wet at the front row, but in the end I was just a little damp.
It had been a long day by now, so we went back to hotel and fell asleep immediately. It had been a wonderful day full off magic.

Next up: Hollywood Studios


Wow, fabulous photo of the castle!

Characters are not allowed to speak, but they’ve always made kissy noises when I’ve met them.


Wonderful! You two look so happy. I love the photo with Minnie.


Thank you! I think it’s difficult not to look happy when at Disney :slight_smile:


Yes! I always feel sad for those grumpy looking people one sometimes sees at Disney. It’s Disney! Smile!


Sounds like a wonderful first day!! And great pictures! Thank you for sharing!!


Love it, keep it coming!

By the way, I think you could teach English. Ihre Grammatik ist vorbildlich! :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Great report! I’m looking forward to more!

I think your English is much better than many Americans. :slight_smile:

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