A locals day at AK

Hello, I mostly post in Chat but lurk here often and love reading trip reports. We moved to Florida in 2019 and my DD20 became a CM in 2021. When her schedule permits we try to hit a park once a week. I thought maybe I would start sharing how locals tour :grin: hopefully at some point I will learn how to do this in real time. This report is from yesterday.

We rolled into AK around 9:15. Goal is to see the new baby Rhino. They are my favorite. So we head to KS, stopping on the way for DD20 to record in a few spots for an assignment in her video class.

KS wait was about 45minutes. No Rhinos out but we saw some great animal activity.

This bird was harassing the hippo and the hippo kept wiggling trying to get the bird off, without getting up or opening his eyes.

Saw the baby hippo, mandrill, goats and some young giraffes.

We were hungry so went for one of our favorite QS meals in the parks!

More to come!


Love the start of this thread! We are strongly considering moving to Florida in 2023, so I’m definitely following this with interest! :blush:


After lunch we headed to MJT. I love this trail and the theming. (FYI I feel AK is the absolute best themed park as a whole) some of the bats had their wings out (couldn’t get a good picture) they are really cool. Asked a CM if they ever fly around the enclosure. She said around dusk they fly around and then head inside, so this is now on my to-do list. The bird area was great today too, lots of them collecting sticks and making noise. I could sit in there all day.

Exited and stood and watched the monkeys for a bit. They were snacking on leaves they pulled from branches.

Then we went to the 1:30 show of Feathered Friends in Flight. First time watching this show, we always seem to miss it but made a point to watch today. We really enjoyed it. We sat up on the top of the back bleacher seats so we had something to lean against.

Also forgot we caught a cavalcade walking to KS

Even more to come…


Love the pics- thanks!

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DD20 really wanted to ride FOP because we haven’t done it in a while. Opened MDE to decide what to do after the show. FOP was posted 40min!! So we walked as fast as my old 5’1” body can (with a stop for mickey ice cream sandwich) ended up with a 50 min wait. Not bad for around 2pm!

DD took some more video around Pandora. KS had a 10min posted wait so decided to try for Rhinos again. Actual wait was 12 but had the row to ourselves this ride, yay!

One Rhino out this ride. DH thinks it might be the cooler weather. Had several long stops due to an ostrich strolling down the road. Also some pretty annoying human adults in the rows behind us. Whistling and making animal noises the WHOLE time!

Rode the train to conservation station because I’ve caught the Rhinos backstage before.

Got a quick peek at Ranger, the oldest of the new babies in the building too.

DD grabbed a walk up for Nomad on the train.

This is one of my most favorite spots in all of WDW!! The Dalang’s Delight was delicious! We shared the bread service and impossible sliders, both were great! They have beignets this month so we had to get them right? They were good but not DL good :wink:

We closed out the day with Dinox2! And it was a pretty decent drive home.

Since becoming local it has taken me a while to slow down and relax my touring but I’m pretty good at it now. It was a wonderful day in AK yesterday. Crowds seemed lower than they have been in a long time and the weather was perfect!


I would definitely go to AK once a week if I lived local! I love that place!

We were lucky enough to see the baby rhino on our trip in January, but it was from the train out to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. We saw him running after mama in the barn. It was so stinking cute! Unfortunately, not possible to get a photo.


I’m surprised the safari guide didn’t ask them to stop! Maybe they were far enough back that they didn’t hear it? We were chastised because we exclaimed, “Ranger!” when we saw him. The guide said he’s very responsive to his name so not to call it out. We were a little embarrassed and subdued after that. :flushed:


We were surprised too! They were in the back row so maybe the driver couldn’t hear them. DD20 has such a hard time with things like this when she is a guest.


Welcome to the forum side. Thanks for sharing your trip reports. Looking forward to what you experience and share from a more relaxed touring style.


Welcome to the dark side… I mean forum side :grin: How awful! KS is one of my favs and I would have totally turned around and gave them so many sideways looks. If I didn’t have to yell I would also add that they are breaking the rules, no yelling at animals (not sure if there is a formal rule or not but whatever).

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We caught a quick glimpse of him from the train a couple weeks ago. We went later so I figured it was timing so that’s why we went early! We were lucky to see Ranger out shortly after he made his savanna debut.

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Next report will probably be a 1 night staycation at YC for DD’s 21st in 10 days :grin:


Can’t wait to read!