A little pixie dust

I just called guest services about upgrading our 10 ticket to an annual pass. This was a tip I saw on Chats.

There is a deal right now for 13 months for the price of the 12 month annual pass. The offer expires 1/3/17.

Since I purchased our tickets via Official Ticket Center (and our trip isn’t until 1/14/17) I thought I’d just call to see if I could upgrade over the phone. Alas it must be done in person.

Here’s the pixie dust… the person I spoke with flagged my MDE account and gave me a code to use when I get there. It extends the 13 for 12 offer so that I can use it when we are there if I choose to.

If anyone else is considering it, it’s worth a try to give them a call.


So nice of you to post this!

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