A little pixie dust last night

Yes, I posted about how “the magic is gone” the other day. But last night we did manage to get a little “pixie dust.”

We had dinner at Rose & Crown in England in Epcot . Our waiter, from Norway, was fantastic. Very personable, attentive and funny. (He had a trainee on his first day shadowing him, which was one of my points in my other post).

Our reservation was for 7.20pm. we got seated just after 7.30pm. As we were just getting into our desert just before 9:00pm, our waiter offered to take us “under the rope” out front of the restaurant to get a great view of Harmonious. (We had already seen it earlier in the week and weren’t planning to see it again, but with this pixie dust offer, were couldn’t say no). He quickly took us to a great spot right next to the lake to watch the show unobstructed by anything or anyone. It was really a nice, unexpected, bit of magic in an otherwise unmagical week.


Love it. My husband and I saw EF from from R&C last August. Great spot, away from crowds, and relaxing.