A little late, Disney ;)

Received this email just now. Fortunately I am a Liner on top of my game and I made my selections 14 hours ago


I know, I laugh when I receive that email and the “make your dining reservations” one, the evening of my ADR/FPP date. If I waited until then no telling what I’d get!


Well…my email story with Disney continues…I still haven’t received that email almost 24 hours after my FP time- maybe I should check my AOL account since that seems to be the account they linked to my annual pass?

I don’t think I received an email for my ADR date.

Just double checked and I didn’t, it was only 2 weeks ago, and if I tried to book my ADR’s now I would only be able to get 1 out of 10.

Do your ADRs show up on your MDE account? I think that’s all that matters, although an email confirmation/reminder would be nice.

If you link them they do. You also should be getting email reminders of upcoming reservations. Though that may be an opt-in feature

I wonder how they batch their notification e-mails… I got mine at 3:34pm on my FP day.

Can also be related to how quickly your email provider delivers emails.

I have had this “discussion” with Disney and Comcast for a long time. Disney claims they send me emails- that they do not have me coded wrong, and Comcast claims they do not block. My FPs were completed by 7:05 yesterday. My Disney preferences are set to send emails- still no email for me :slight_smile: