A little help with stacking please

Hi all. Haven’t posted here for years. No stranger to TPs- been using them for decades. I can remember when the book was thin enough to put in your back pocket and there was no website. But I digress…

We will be in WDW from the Sunday after Thanksgiving until the following Thursday- and with any luck it will be crickets :slight_smile: . Wife and I are no longer hardcore with the plans- we follow them and see what we can see and enjoy the parks and that’s good enough. We have 5 park days- 2 will be 1/2 days in AK (staying at AKL- wife needs her ‘animal fix’), 2 will be in EPCOT- and one of those two will be a partial day since we FINALLY got into Homecomin’ but it’s at 4:40 :frowning: and I haven’t been able to get a later time to shake out…yet. The 5th day is the reason I am here asking a question. We will be doing MK- but aren’t planning to arrive until later in the day. It is mostly to see the new nighttime stuff- but we want to get in some attractions as well since we are paying for a park day. It is the only day we will use G+ since with EE for resort guests we can easily knock out everything in the other two parks that we want to do with minimal waits in standby.
I have read the blogs and poured over the graphs and read the comments- just want to make sure I know how to do this. I will re-read some of that new information that has just recently been posted, will leave it at that. We are planning to arrive at the MK around 2-3 PM- will see how the day is going. If I understand this correctly, I can book our first LL at 11 AM for anytime after 2 PM. Then at 1 PM I can book another LL that can overlap the first as long as there is a 30 minute delay (if I am reading these graphs correctly). Then at 3, whether in the park or not I can book the 3rd with an overlap of at least 30 minutes. Once inside, as soon as we tap in I can book the next available (4th) even though I have the others waiting- then from there it is just ‘rinse and repeat’. Do I have this right? Am I missing any subtleties? I am sure you have answered this a gazillion times- and I appreciate you indulging me. TIA.


There are lots of nuances and tips like the “2 tap” tip listed on WDW Chat. You may have read about it already. Lines

If your APR is for MK you can book your first LL at 7am. You may have to wait for a bit to get something that is after 2 or 3pm. Then at 11 (assuming 9am park open) you can book another. Then 1 and 3 as above.

You can also let your LL expire to multiply it. Example:
JC LL at 2:00-3:00
3:01 it has expired. Book a new LL
Before 3:15 when the grace period is over tap into JC then book another LL.
Now you have two LL from that one ride.

For multiplying even further there is the two taps @MeetMeAtThePoly referenced above.

At 7 am, I am assuming that there may not be many LL for later in the day to book? If that is the case and you are not entering a park until after 2, are you better off to make your PR for a different park and then book LL as someone hopping to MK so that they automatically give you times starting after 2pm?

I wouldn’t do this because the OP probably won’t have time to tap into a different park first, which is what you’d have to do if your park reservation was for a different park. Thanksgiving week is too dicey to rely on switching APRs on the day of.

YES. Book at 7am. Thanksgiving week, there should be attractions dispensing after 2pm around 7am, even if you have to wait a minute or two. Your priority should be:

JC > PPF > HM > WtP > BTMRR > PotC

The rest should be relatively easy to get.

That makes sense! Thanks for being the LL guru!

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I did just re-read the original post and it does say the week after Thanksgiving, which should be crickets, but I still wouldn’t rely on switching an APR day of.

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How do I find this. I went to Lines but didn’t see a thread about it.

Could you post it here please?

We discussed it a little here. We are trying not to advertise it too much because it is likely a loophole that will get closed.

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I’ll add that waiting till the 15-minute grace period to book is a glitch that was reported early on - you could book a LL right when your return window closed (which is how it is supposed to work, since that is the same as being “used” per the system) PLUS when you tapped in to your LL reservation (which appears to be a glitch).

But then lately, it appears a new glitch emerged where you can ALSO book a LL when you tap into the SECOND tap at a single attraction, thus compounding one LL into 3 (end of return window + first tap + second tap).

Again, that seems to be a major loophole that if I were Disney, I would plug ASAP. On the other hand, someone conjectured that maybe Disney did this because they couldn’t get the system to reliably issue a new LL after a single tap at 2-tap attractions and they were getting complaints. So maybe they’d rather there be a bug that can be exploited rather than a bug that results in visits to Guest Services.


Thanks so much. I finally understand this. I had read the discussion in the Genie thread but couldn’t get my head around it. I agree that this won’t be going away any time soon. Back when you could hack FP it lasted a very long time. The number of people that know about these things is limited to a few message boards and represents a miniscule percentage of the people going through the turnstiles. Thanks to everyone that chimed in. One final question. Is there any advantage to practicing with the free Genie if we are only going to use it once and only on the day we use G+. Guess what I am asking is if the interface is the same. TIA.

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Free Genie won’t give you any direct application to Genie+ because it doesn’t give you LL return times, etc. But the interface is essentially the same, so it might be worth it to check it out just to be more comfortable with the system in general.