A La Carte Package

I’m sorry but I haven’t been able to find the info I’m looking for.

I read somewhere that you can save a lot of money by separating your room reservations and tickets out. I have looked at Undercover Tourist and Visit Orlando and those tickets are cheaper but I also see they are not refundable if you get them digitally or link them to MDE. Also, can you get the dining plan if you don’t get tickets through Disney. Basically, how do you go about getting the package separate to save money but also have it all link up with Magic Bands and MDE?
Also, I guess an advantage of booking straight through Disney is being able to pay as you go. I don’t think that is an option with Undercover Tourist or Visit Orlando, right?
Then there is the possibility of getting a discount from Disney on the whole package that I wouldn’t be eligible for if I had separate tickets. Hmmm


You can almost always do better than a discounted Disney package.

  1. Book a room using the Magical Vacations Travel (MVT) agency exclusive rate. Email an agent directly from this list


  1. Use the touring plans ticket calculator to find the cheapest tickets or if you are sure you will not upgrade or add days buy MVT discounted tickets

  2. You can add dining to any room . It is called a ticketless package.