A good off line florida map recommendation

Coming from UK and using phone with herewe go app or Google as they don’t use data. Which map is best download or when I am in floride will Google maps be enough?
Recommendation for someone never having driven in the states before!
Thanks for reading

We just got a sat nav with our hire car - I was scared to death driving there but the sat nav was easy to follow. It wasn’t quite up to date with the construction around WDW but we figured it out.

My parents bought a cheap sat nav from Amazon and took it with them, they had no issues at all. Next time I will do that, as it was significantly cheaper than hiring it with the car.

I’m assuming you’re renting a car, the rental co. would have maps. Google maps work fine for me also Map quest is ok. What I do is I go to AAA the auto club and get maps and then use google maps on my phone.
Hope this helps.

Yes renting a car but don’t want to pay for satnav. Thanks for the advice

The car rental company should be able to provide local area maps and you could easily print some online before you go or stop at a gas station and get one once you arrive.