A friend’s trip in ruin?


So, one of my best friends just arrived at the World last night. They’ve got 2 littles, DS5 and DD3. DS is on the spectrum. Anyway, they get in to DS begging to just go home. And DD fell out of bed last night in a way that had them calling the squad. What a beginning! Mom is about this close to a full blown panic attack herself.
They’ve planned a really low key couple of days in the parks (MK & HS) and a lot of hotel down time. So, I think if they can reset, they can still have a lovely time.
Anyway, just asking for prayers if you pray and pixie dust wishes if you don’t for this trip. My friend has really been looking forward to it.


I’ll be praying for them! Travel days can be really, really rough with littles! I’m glad they have mellow days planned and bet that after a few fun things everyone is better. :slightly_smiling_face:


That is a rough start. I hope things improve.
My DD and I are also here so let your friend know if she needs any help that we’d be happy to do what we can.


I have one on the spectrum. When we went 2 years ago, she was 6. I had literally been showing her youtube videos and talkign to her about it for over a year before we went, so I know how it can be. She had a few meltdowns while we were there, but not that bad.

The mellow days will help for sure.


Change is hard, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is upset about going home in the end too.

I hope this was just a bumpy landing and they will have a magical trip.


I agree with this whole-heartedly. Changing a child’s routine, especially one on the spectrum, can really throw the child and family for a loop. When we first went, I had to tamp down my own expectations for a “perfect” trip. I challenged myself to look for opportunities to say yes and be willing to be flexible and adjust as needed. For instance, if I know that I will buy my son the Mickey bubble wand eventually, then why not say yes to it the first thing in the morning so I don’t have to hear about it all day because he is anxious that he won’t get it. Let’s just say yes to that and ease his anxiety and not have his worry bleed over into other areas of our trip. Tell your friend that First Aid has ear plugs if he child needs them. Those helped us a lot and were a good alternative to noise canceling headphones.


Sounds like they had a bit of a rough morning, but a lot of fun as the day went by. I haven’t heard much from her today, so I’m going to assume that means they are having fun!


You’re so sweet! What a kind offer!


What a rough start! I hope that no news is good news and that things are looking up.