A Few Thoughts (Trip Report, 10/11-10/14)

  1. The SSR 2BDRM villa was perfect for our party of 8 adults and 1 infant. Even though we filled the room to capacity, we didn’t feel crowded. There was plenty of sink and mirror space-- no issues getting ready in the mornings (and 5 of us were women).

  2. The bathtub was AMAZING. If anyone ever writes a blog post reviewing bathtubs of WDW, it definitely deserves a shoutout. I’m not even a bath person.

  3. We learned that if you plan to rope drop FoP on a day AK opens at 9:00, you must either take your own car or plan to be at the bus stop by 7:00am at the latest. We missed the very earliest bus (the next one came around 7:45), and although we were at the park by 8:10, there was already a 2.5 hour wait ahead of us for FoP. Fortunately, we had FP+ for later, and walked on NRJ instead.

  4. Speaking of FoP, if I HAD waited in a 2.5 hour line, I would not have felt my time wasted. The ride is that good. Just magic.

  5. The week we were there, the crowds were much greater than predicted (a couple cast members I talked to attributed this to Irma re-bookings). For example, MK was predicted to be a 7 on Wednesday, 10/11, but ended up being a 10. Touring plans still worked well, though.

  6. We did Epcot F&W festival kiosks for dinner on Thursday (no ADR required!), which worked well for our group of adults-- everyone got something they liked, and I think altogether we ended up spending less than we would have at one of the (table service) restaurants. My favorite F&W offering was the seared scallop w/ truffled celery root purée from the Wine and Dine kiosk-- soooo yummy!

  7. La Nouba is fabulous. DH and I spent an evening in DS on arrival day, and it was a great way to kick off our stay (we usually don’t do a park on arrival day). This was also the evening the tub drew me in. :wink:

  8. Adults need nap breaks, too. :slight_smile: A couple twenty-somethings in our party didn’t think so before, but are now convinced.

  9. The baby care centers are godsends, but if you are touring hard, there are quite a few attractions that are great for nursing on the go. Baby had his lunch during Finding Nemo show in AK, and we were both very happy about it.

  10. Cloth diapering is the best. We definitely would’ve had at least one major blowout if DS6mos had been in disposables. We did a blend of sposies and AIOs, and it worked beautifully: used cloth on park days, especially when expecting ahem some action. No blowouts or diaper rash, but we never had more than 2 soiled diapers in the wetbag. Our villa had a washer and dryer (and I had packed our detergent), so cleanup was just as easy as at home.


Great report.

Thanks for the report! I saw that AK bus at the Congress Park stop a little after 7:00. Do you think it starts before 7:00?

I am not sure. There were no posted times before 7:35. :confused: We were at Congress Park stop at 7:30, but I was told there was a bus earlier. Wish there was better communication about the Disney buses.