A few questions before FPP day next Friday

Next Friday is my FPP day.

I’m not sure about a few things.

my normal travel party is 10 of us. This time around it is just seven of us. Should I remove the three not coming to make it faster to “Select all” without needing to deselect people as I hurry for FP?

My park days are
60 days - MK
60+1 HS
60+2 MVMCP
60+5 EP
60+6 HS
60+7 AK

I was thinking the first thing I’d try for was my 60+7 AK day FOP.
Then I’d go for my 60+1 HS hoping for SDD (my sister will be with us this day).
Then I’d go for my 60 MK hoping for 7DMT.
Then I’d go for 60+ 6 HS SDD (my sister will have left by this day).
Then I’d start at the front and just work my way through.

I have not purchased our MVMCP tickets but plan to before I find FPP. I plan do go 11/14. I read somewhere that AFTER I assign all my park days with my regular ticket, I should then try to get FPP for 4PM-7PM on my MVMCP day. Do I assign the tickets at a particular step? Will they BE assigned when I purchase?

What do people recommend I try for at EP out of TT, FEA, and Soarin? I was thinking with Soarin having an additional line now, it would be easier to get on?
What is a good order for the three of them? Which should I RD?


I think you need to try for SDD first. I am afraid it will not be there. Are you watching here:

I think I’ve only just figured out that sheet.

Maybe I should go first for SDD - especially one for my sister on the day she can come, even if I can’t get them for all of us? Then 60+6 HS SDD for the rest of us.

But I’m torn about the 7DMT at 60 vs FOP 60+7 for priority.
Man, my computer better not seize up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think 7DMT is difficult these days and FOP has been available a few days out.

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The advice is FPP for TT since it’s often down first thing. There is a TP video of them attempting all 3 - TT is down. Doesn’t make a big difference in the order of the other 2 but my preference is RD FEA then do Soarin so that you can then do LWTL and Seas pavilion. Otherwise you’re stuck on the WS with everything closed and you have to back track.

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I’d definitely do SDD first. My FPP day was yesterday and I got it at 60+3 in the evening and it was available at 60+4 in the afternoon. I didn’t check any other days.

SDMT was not available at 60 days but it was at 60+1. Not sure about FOP because we didn’t try for it (we have little kids).

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Were you making your 7DMT for the 1st?

I was.

It seems to be the only day! Weird!

I haven’t heard about what has been happening with FPP for party tickets this year, but in years past there has been reports of Disney dropping the last day of FPP on your profile because they count the FPP that you have booked for your party day towards the FPP that you are eligible for through your regular park tickets. It has been suggested to me to link the party tickets to a dummy profile and book the FPP on the dummy profile. That is my plan for when I attend MVMCP in November. I’ll only get to book my FPP 30 days ahead but I will book 7DMT another park day.

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I have about 10 people I can select from but I routinely only select 3. It has never impacted me.

Thank you.
Though - you are decidedly more experienced than I. :wink::heart_eyes:

My Fastpasses were all for a mix of different people of the 8 people that I manage. (We have DS4 who can’t ride FOP and DS1 who I will need to do RS for.) I just made sure I had written down exactly who each FP was for, but it was never that difficult to just select each person.

For you, it may be easier to first click “select all” and then just unselect those who won’t be there. But those milliseconds won’t really matter.

I agree with others that you should probably try for that SDD on your second HS day FIRST.

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New goal:

SDD for 60+1 look quickly and if not there
SDD for 60+4
FOP for 60+7 (for six of us)
FOP for 60+1 (for one)
7DMT 60.

I’m really worried I won’t get 7DMT.
If (big if, I know) if we can get SDD for 60+1, I will then go for 7DMT for 60+4 in the PM.

My travel days are
MK (short day/party day)
off day
HS in AM/MK in PM (ideally. If can’t get SDD until this day it will change)
off day
off day/ AK group event in PM (From our homeschool organizing group)

I have booked 7DMT on day 60 for myself and a friend recently.

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I don’t think you need to worry too much, I didn’t have any issues getting 7DMT 2 weeks ago on my FP day. I got it on 2 different days and times were wide open for both days. Was much easier than SDD and FOP.