A few questions about activating an annual pass

Can an annual pass be activated right outside of MK or will I need to go to the ticket and transportation center?

What are the hours for the ticket booths?

I threw away the will call number after I had entered it into MDE. When I called, I was told all I needed was ID and the credit card but they gave me a phone number to call if I really wanted the number. I want the number but not enough to spend the 30 minutes on hold they said the wait would be. Am I really okay with just ID and credit card?

Thanks in advance for your help and wisdom.

I don’t know the hours, but I can tell you that we activated ours at the guest services booth outside Magic Kingdom last week. It was pretty late - I think about 8pm when we got there. We had already purchased and linked them by phone. Hope this helps.

Ok, good. I was wondering - I know we activated ours there in the past but just got our new exchange certificates in the mail and noticed they list EP, HS, AK, and TTC but not MK. That would be VERY frustrating as we are staying at CR and planning to head straight to Caseys for lunch on arrival (gotta get my corn dog nuggets!)