A & E Wait Times in TP

I was making TP’ for MK for Oct 28th and 30th. I created TP’s for each day and I added A & E to each day. A few days ago when I optimized and evaluated the standby wait time was about 46 minutes. I went back in a couple of days later and now the standby wait times are 148 minutes.
It doesn’t seem to matter what time of day it is it still shows up as 148 minutes. Is anyone else seeing the same thing? MK is a 2 and a party day on the 28th and is a 4 and party day on the 30th.

The best way to get answers about TP glitches is to e-mail webmaster@touringplans.com, explaining the problem and providing the plan URL. They are pretty good about responding quickly to issues.

I saw the same thing happen for my dates a couple of weeks later. If you check the TP site attraction wait times A&E and 7DMT both jumped on the daily estimates, A&E most drastically from 29-44 minutes on crowd level 3 an 5 days to the solid 148.

Have been hoping it’s a glitch. Watching the actual dailies A&E seem more like 50-75 minutes on days lately, although some of today’s posted times ran much higher.

Would like to know how TP responds if you’ve asked them!

I did not submit any questions to the TP staff. I know that they monitor this category and have chimed in on their own. I was hoping that they would on this one, but haven’t yet.

I’ve been wondering the exact same thing, glad you posted! Everything from now until end of November showing 144-180 minute A&E waits.

@len was supposed to be loading updated data on MK standby times. Maybe that’s it?

Yes, should be loaded by Nov 1. We have to test it for sanity first.

Thanks @len !

Awesome! Thanks for the update.