A&E standby line wait times

Can anyone provide their experience the the A&E standby line? We will be there on a level 5 day and there were no FPPs available at the 60 day mark. If we go at RD, about how long do you think the wait would be? Are there other times where it is lower, like during fireworks (is it even open during fireworks?) TIA!

I can't really answer other than to say it has been pretty low during the parties if you'll be attending one.

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It's right here. About an hour at rope drop. Not sure what that 148 minute spike is.

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This might be more accurate. I remember seeing waits of 5 hours in July. The numbers across the bottom are the MK park levels. So you'd be the "5" there (2 hours 50 minutes, average).

Thanks for the info! (Even though it's depressing...lol) We are going to MVMCP so that might be our best bet.

Keep trying for the FPP! We're there during a crowd level 5 too. At midnight/60 days I couldn't get any. That was about a week and a half ago. Yesterday morning I was able to get one for the first day of our trip which wasn't ideal. Just a few minutes ago I tried again and got the day I wanted for all 3 of us. I've had luck trying around 7:00am both days. Good luck to you!

@MrsCindy_Charming Thanks! I've tried early in the morning the last couple days and I will definitely keep trying. At least I have some hope now smile