A&E Meet & Greet and 7DMT FPP Question

My FPP day is coming up soon. I'm wondering how many days into our stay I should expect/try to get A&E and 7DMT FPP. I was so "in the loop" on all things WDW thanks to touringplans but now I have been so busy lately I haven't been keeping up with everything. I just feel unprepared.

We check in on 10/25. I managed to get 7dmt for 10/26 at about 2.40pm and A&E for 10/30 at about 4.30 I think. I didn't really try any other times although I know I couldn't get A&E for 10/26. The two times I got fitted in with our plans, so I just went with what I got. Oh, and I didn't log on until about 2/3am ish (about 7am UK time). Hope that helps a little.

That helps a lot! How many are in your traveling party? I will be trying for four FPP.

I just did ours at midnight. I have 7 park days. Didn't even bother looking for A&E before day 6, on which they were already gone. Got one for day 7 at 2p. Tried to change it to earlier time but the page glitched, canceled my change, and by the time I got back to it, there was nothing earlier left. There were and still are plenty of 7DMT available for days 5-7. Probably earlier as well, but I wasn't looking for it those days.

We did our FPP a few days ago, and I tried for A&E on day 4, and it was a no go. So, I jumped to day 8 (our last day), and had a few time choices for A&E. Not ideal, but at least we snagged the 4 we needed. I was able to book all 4 FPP at once.

There were quite a few choice for 7DMT - I booked 3 separate days for all 4 of us over the 8 park days. My DDs will be so happy !! I had to make a few TP changes to accommodate the times I was able to get, but I had our ADRs in front of me, as well as rough drafts of the TPs to ensure I was selecting times that would be the best fit.

The rest were no problem...got pretty close to all the times we needed to work with our TPs and ADRs.

Good Luck !!

We are a party of four as well smile

I found that it was best to work backwards so go to the last day and work back. I was able to score A&E that way. 7DMT I found had a lot of options. We are also a party of 4.