A&E meet and greet

I have a reservation for BOG breakfast at 8am on 2/3 (a crowd level 3 day). My plan was to finish breakfast and head to A&E before park open. When I plug this into my TP however, it tells me that I will arrive at the attraction at 8:39 (park opens at 9) and there is already a predicted wait time of 54 min. Can this be accurate? Should I try for a fastpass later in the day or just stick with my plan?

Stick with your plan. The TP software will not recognize an attraction before opening. Do it first and start your touring plan at 9:30 for other attractions.

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Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve read where people will make early breakfast reservations just to go stand in line for A&E and not go to breakfast.

If you do not go to breakfast you will be charged $10 a person. You can go to BOG at 8:00, preorder your food and be in line around 8:35. I believe unlike 7DMT they do not let you actually get in line, but hold you back at a point. You will be before the rope drop crowd and among the first in.

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I agree that it is inappropriate, I was only commenting to why there would be a line at rope drop.

@PrincipalTinker was not saying that making the reservation and skipping it was inappropriate, @soneill362. That’s a title of sorts. Some people have titles assigned to them, and others don’t. You’ll see that I don’t have a title - I haven’t commented often and haven’t said anything particularly witty (yet). Rest assured, it wasn’t a comment on your post!

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Thanks @kjmollypup, I saw the response and didn’t even realize it was my title! Maybe I should ask Laurel to change it to “PT is NEVER inappropriate” but I love my title.

Funny, the first time I saw it I too thought I had done something and was in trouble!

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The 54 minutes = 21 minutes pre-RD (8:39-9 am) then predicted 34 minute wait at RD (which would be expected to be shorter for you since you’ll be toward the front of the RD pack, as others have said). Agree with others, book your plan to start at 9:30 and you’ll be golden. :slight_smile: