A&E FPP / return times

When it was time to make my FPP I went online at midnight and was still unable to score FPP at all for my trip.

It was also around the time that they began handing out return times. What is the best plan for getting a return time. Do you still go right at rope drop to get the return time? When have they been running out?

Thanks... I think this is my first post here frowning I'm a late adopter - I've been Holding out.

I'm pretty sure the return time tickets were just a test for a couple of days. I believe they are back on regular standby lines for now. Maybe someone in the world today can confirm for you.

Thanks - ever since chat went down I'm soooo out if the loop frowning

So A&E is back to standby? If anyone sees A&E open up for 9/23 or 9/25 let me know!!!