A&E FPP booking tips

I just reserved my FPP tonight at midnight. A&E was not available at all for the entire trip. For anyone who has scored this FPP after the 60 day mark, any suggestions? I’m thinking 45-ish days would be a good time to really stalk the site due to package cancellations. I wonder if more times are made available at the 30 day mark…? Has anyone made a dash for it at RD lately?
I’m hoping I don’t have to rely solely on luck and persistence or, as a last resort, standby (the horror!).

Just got back so can share my experience, FWIW :slight_smile:
I couldn’t get an A&E FPP for any day of my two week August vacation when I booked them at 30 day mark. Checked back regularly every day until we went and still nothing.But once we arrived there were regularly FPP available for the following day. Spoke to several people who had the same experience, so don’t give up hope and keep checking during your trip!


@dbtlancs Did you use the MDE app on mobile, or a computer, or a kiosk to check? Thanks!

Used the mobile app to check and book

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Were there any paper fast passes available?

They only reintroduced return time tickets (paper FP) for a day or so. That didn’t last long at all. I’d welcome it though!

Room-only reservations must be canceled by 5 days before, so some more might open then.

I am leaving in two days and checked daily for A&E, finally scored on Monday for both days we are going to the Magic Kindom. It is stressful, but I would keep checking daily!


I was able to get A&E about a week after the 60 day mark. I was checking often and had had luck first thing in the morning. Yay!


Thanks for all of the positive comments! I can’t make FPP until 30 days, but not giving up hope for anything!

I could not get a FP for Elsa & Anna and I was devastated. But guess what? We got to meet them anyway. Here’s what we did: we were in the MK on a Wed night and fairly oblivious to all castle shows/fireworks/etc. At 8:30ish we were walking to the front of the park to leave and decided to just stop by and look at the line. Miraculously there was barely any line and we waited 10 MINUTES to meet Anna & Elsa!! Turns out everyone else in the park was getting good seats to the Wishes castle show at that time. And we got to see Wishes, too, right afterward.
So I guess check for big headliner shows and go to A&E before/during. Of course this may work only some of the time, and we stumbled upon it, but it’s worth a try.