A&E dilemma

Have asked this on chat, but thought I’d check here, too. DH, DD4 and I leave for WDW in 27 days, have 2 days in MK, staying on property so can use EMH on 1st MK day. Have not been able to get FPP for A&E for all of us, but while searching for party of 1, stumbled upon one for myself for MK 2nd day. Unable to copy to DD and DH. So, should we “waste” precious EMH time to RD A&E our 1st MK day to make sure we get it done? or keep trying to line up FPP and enjoy EMH? Predicted crowd levels are 2 or 3 for those 2 days last I checked. Thanks for any advice!

I would enjoy the extra magic hour and just see if you can find FPP for one more of you party that over laps. We went in sept on a 3 day and with FPP it took a while to see Anna and elsa. We were in the room in less than 15 minutes but they really spend time with each family. It’s a great experience for little ones that love these sisters. My girls loved every moment but I wouldn’t give up my short line times for them.