A different BOG FP question! re: DDP

So I decided to try the Direct-to-table for BOG. We have 4 in our party, 2 adults, 2 kids (ages 2 and 4). My question is: I chose the option to use DDP credits, and it shows all 4 of us as having credits. Since my one DD is only 2, she wouldn’t have a DDP. Is this common, and I just change it to pay OOP when we get there? It won’t let me order her meal OOP like I can with extra desserts. Just curious is this happens to everyone, Thanks :blush:

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I think that it’s just saying 4 credits because you ordered 4 meals. The credits aren’t linked to any particular person, especially for CS places. For CS credits they don’t really keep track of adult vs. child meals, so you could theoretically order all grown-up meals for everyone in your family if you wanted to use your credits that way.

I’m pretty sure that they’ll let you decide how you want to do things when it’s time to pay. BOG is a pretty good use of credits, so it makes sense to use 4 there and pay out of pocket for a less expensive kids meal elsewhere, but it’s really up to you.

I hope this helps. Sorry you had to wait 5 days for anyone to answer.

That makes sense! Thank you for your reply @SallyEppcot

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