A Day/Night of Something Different - DVC!

We (boyfriend and I) are doing a Disney trip mid October 10/18-10/22 at BWV in btw two FL weddings.* We just now decided to add on another park day for 10/18 and try a different resort for that Sunday 10/17 to Monday 10/18 before switching to BWV. We are a strictly Epcot area couple and want something new to us, which should be cheaper if we go DVC (assuming studio it’s anywhere from 9 to 16 pts) Thinking AKL, OKW, SS or WL. We won’t do a park that day but might pop over to Kennedy. I am guessing our choice will be made for us pending actual one night availability, what would you do?

*While we thought we would be doing Universal on Mon 10/18, when we went to crunch numbers it made zero sense - it was an extra $300/pp assuming express pass & tix, and we are better off just doing a 4 day park hopper at WDW.

Is this for 2021?

If it is 2021 there wont be any studios available.

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That is why I asked. There are many times of the year that WL will not be an option too.

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Yep I think I am living in la la land. Maybe we will do a 1bdroom

I don’t think there really is anything left in 2021 but maybe I am wrong?

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Check on shopdvc.com bc they frequently have 1 night stays posted. I think you might be sol for this October though.

What about a waitlist? I feel like rooms pop up from time to time, even if at any given point in time they are gone.

I suppose we could always just book a one night non DVC :woman_shrugging:t2: I am just floored by the universal prices, I guess I haven’t planned a universal trip in a long, long, long time.

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The most expensive days of my trip in May were the Universal days, particularly Volcano Bay. That said, it gets more economical than Disney after 3 days. APs are super cheap comparatively speaking. But unfortunately, I don’t feel like 4+ days are worth it as an out of towner, so I end up accepting the high per-day cost. But staying at a premier onsite hotel helps.

Bf wanted to go and I was indifferent, once he put together his financial model he was like no way. Plus I think he is saving for something shiny :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am actually glad we can do 4 days at Disney rather than a rushed 3. We will be so exhausted from first wedding and would like to take it as easy as we can for the second wedding that following weekend.