A Day in Tomorrowland

So for our last day in MK, we’ll be focusing on using ETPE in TL and then lingering there to do all that land has to offer.

Thinking we could buy the Space Mt ILL and a 7 am LL for BLSRS
But - presuming Tron will still be under construction - what would we rope drop?

TP suggests AO. Guess that makes sense given it’s sloooow loading time.
I was tempted to head for TL (Toxic Lung) Speedway and get that out of the way. I’m sure it gets worse over the course of the day.



I’ve forgotten the details of your trip: Who is in your party? Are you trying to hit every possible attraction? I ask, because the Speedway is very skippable to me.


If you can get AO done and out of the way, I would. It tends to be the slowest line, ever! :slight_smile: Last May, I did TL only in the morning, and while I went for PM (which wasn’t open at RD yet), I thought I’d do AO, but it, too, wasn’t opened. So, I did a couple rides on SM before heading to AO. I was first in line for AO when it opened. By the time I was off the ride, there was already a line building (not too bad, but no longer a walk-on…although, this was when they were still doing a single party per elevator, which slowed things down).

All of this was before ETPE was a thing again, so I don’t know if the dynamic is any different now.

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It’ll be me, DW, DD28 and DD7.
I think everyone would skip Speedway… but then DD7 saw it on a vlog so now we’re doomed.
er, I mean committed.


How long are you planning to be there?

I don’t think it’s necessary, with ETPE, to purchase Space.

I would rope drop that and then hit AO after, for the reasons you cite.


Well it’s our last day in the parks so all plans are fairly fluid. I’m sure there’ll be some attractions we want to repeat or didn’t get to by this point.

And of course, by then we might be dragging ourselves out of bed and missing ETPE altogether… but let’s not even think about that for now

I should mention, when I was there in May 2021 (on a Friday), I rope-dropped, and managed to ride SM 2 times, AO, PM 3 or 4 times, and BLSRS all within the first two hours (less than that, actually).

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That sounds perfect.
OK maybe a little too much PM for my DD7 but I’m definitely hoping to repeat that attraction.

That is reasonable. For this reason I tend to frontload our plans with rope drops.

If you’re not going to RD SM then okay buy it and do AO. but if you’re going to be there for ETPE I think you should RD SM and then go right to AO and will likely have a short wait.


Even if you plan to buy SM ILL I would still RD it. Once is never enough!


Yeah I’m hoping that we can rally for one last good ETPE park day!
Of course, it would be easier to plan if we knew park hours and when Xtra Hours are being offered.

But still it sounds good!
I admit I was thinking AO might be a nice intro since you get to see the land as you go around.

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LOL good point!

Just not sure if DD28 and DD7 will want to go on it even once! (But by that point in the trip, I’ll be able to gauge their tolerances/limits better)

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Well…truthfully, AO spins so fast, unlike similar rides like Dumbo and Aladdin, it is hard to take much in. It is fun, and you can still kind of look around…but I wouldn’t say you can use it as a “nice intro”! :slight_smile: PM serves as a much better intro to the land, because it takes you around to see ALL of it.

(I’ll admit, my age was showing on AO…I got off of it feeling rather dizzy!)


Thanks for the warning!
ETA: I’ll have to gauge my tolerance for that too!

And yes, I thought of PM as a better touring vehicle. But I think we might all treasure it’s sedate pace and shade later in the day. Seeing some of the attractions again from a new POV

I recommend PM early, lunch time, afternoon, dinner time, evening, after dark, and during the fireworks. :wink:


@ryan1 is correct - there is never a wrong time to ride PM, and one can never ride it too frequently either.


Is this a bad time to confess, I’ve never ridden it?

ETA: I may have ridden it as a child but cannot recall.

I’m going to back away slowly and let @ryan1 deal with the likes of you





Here’s the thing about PM. By all accounts, there is nothing special about it. It just goes around a big loop, touring all of TL. No exciting drops or thrills. No amazing pyrotechnics.

And yet…for me, it is actually my favorite ride in all of WDW. Why? Partly nostalgia. Partly relaxing. Partly seeing some of the “backstage” aspects of TL. Partly the cute gimmicky jokes (“Paging Mr. Morrow…Mr. Tom Morrow.”)

So, yeah. I love it. It is the ONLY reason I went to MK our May 2021 trip (which was actually a UOR trip). I went so that I could ride PM!


That’s it. You’re staying in Canada.