A day at MK and MNSSHP

Planning on spending the day at MK and the night at MNSSHP. It’s all we’re doing the whole time we are there. Tell me who’s done it and loved it? Any tips? We live close enough to the world that we can go several times a year, so we are good with going all out for a day.

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Haven’t tried it yet, but doing it in September; I do plan on taking a break mid day and then returning to MK by 4 for MNSSHP. Now I have heard other people say that just doing MNSSHP would save you on regular tix, because you can enter MNSSHP at 4 pm; but so be it - I plan to go early to MK, leave and then return

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I haven’t done it yet either -but going in September.
I am going to RD MK since the crowds are lighter, then taking a break around noon and going back for 4.
However all 6 days I am there I am either going to RD EMH or I have a PPO breakfast, and since Sept is supposed to be very hot, I don’t think I can make it without a break LOL

We did it last year with a mid day break. It was a long day for my boys even with a break. They liked it a lot and are looking forward to doing it again this year.

we did it in 2015 and will do it again this year. I like going in the morning on MNSSHP days b/c the crowd is lighter and you can get a lot done. We did take a mid afternoon break for about 4 hours and will do that again this year as well just so we can change before the party.

How old are your boys?

We will be doing the same thing but for MVMCP. We will have DGD7 and DGS2 so planning a mid-day break for those families but full park day for those who don’t need a break.

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Last year 12 and 9. They were both exhausted before 11pm. They are never up that late typically

Mine are 9 and 7. We did just the party last year and they slept on the curb before the parade.

My plan is to take it slow. Have a long sit-down lunch and try to take in more of the scenery. They’ll be tired, but it’s only one day. We can sleep when we’re dead. Lol

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