A Daddy-Son Pictorial Trip Report!

Do it! You won’t regret it! With the crowds as they are for spring break you’ll be happy you did! Trust me on that one!


What an awesome trip!!

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Gotta find a way to pull this off next time my wife goes on a business trip. Awesome

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I seriously debated in my mind about doing it, but in the end, they’re only this age once and we only live once and all that BS… which I’m beginning to realize is actually true! It was a great bonding experience for sure!


I loved following along! We have EMM @MK planned for our June trip, but I’m considering the F! dessert party instead of the dining package now. How early did you need to show up to the party before the show? We’ve never been to WDW, so trying to figure out how all this works :slight_smile:


Congrats on having your first trip planned! The dining package and dessert party offer the same seating area. The obvious difference is that you get dessert and a bunch of cool souvenirs with the latter.

We did the dessert party because I’m not that fond of the 3 restaurants that are on the dining package. That’s my personal opinion. But if you are going to eat at one of those places anyway, it probably is the much better value, especially if you’re on the dining plan.

Our time was 7:30 for an 8:30 show. We got there about 7:45. For the dessert party, I would definitely get there at least 30 before show time so you have time to eat. Once the show starts, it’s too dark and your full attention will be on the show.

As for seating, all the seats in the middle sections are good. Although, I’d pick a row midway up. The front seats will get mildly wet, especially on a windy night, as the spraying water drifts into the seating area for about half the length of the show. The seats on the aisle are obviously at a premium, because there is a mad rush to get out of the theater at the end.

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Great advice! My heart was not set on the restaurants and we’re at WDW for a dance event, so I think the dessert party will fit in better with our schedule since it’s right before F!. The extras are cool and it’s cheaper than the dining package, so I’m sold! Ha!

Is it not like an ADR where you’re expected to show up at the time they give you? F! is at 9pm on our day in June, but the dessert part time in MDE is listed at 7:30pm. It just seemed really early, but maybe not?

Thanks for your input! What a cool trip you and your son had!

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The 7:30 pm time for a 9:00 pm showing is within reason. For the HEA dessert party, the time for us was 7:45 for a 9:15 show (1.5 hrs before the show).

Don’t quote me on this but they may stagger the times they give people to space out the arrivals.

Also, during the summer there are often 2 showtimes so make sure that’s not the issue.

Otherwise, I’d say getting there about 45 minutes prior to the show would leave you with plenty of time. And I doubt they’d give you much trouble for doing that.

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Sorry for butting in but I love the pic of your son on Dumbo! I was wondering, as an AP did you use any of the MM photographers?


Don’t be silly, that’s why I put them up. My favorite part of this site is following trip reports so I can feel like I’m there when I’'m not!

We used LOTS of the photographers. After DS4 figured out that you can have them scan your band and get your pics taken, we had to stop at almost everyone we saw! Of course, all the photos are free with the AP.


LOL my GD loved that too! That is why I asked, all of the pictures I saw were taken by you and I was curious if as a AP you used it or not. Anyway your son is adorable and I really enjoyed your trip report! Thank you for sharing!

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Oh, yeah all the pics in the report were by me. I was trying not to feature too many of myself, lol. Actually, I rarely download any of those pics that we end up taking on MM. Honestly, I haven’t even looked at the ones we took last weekend! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: