A Cut Short Trip Report - 3 Generations at Fort Wilderness Nov 2022

I’ll be asking more questions probably as we’re staying at the cabins in June. Was there anyone actually checking height at the splash pad? My diagnosis 47in and change and will most likely be just over 48 on our trip. I know she’d love to go on it with her younger brother.

Edit to add - if there is even a requirement. Just realized what I saw was for WL.


I’m guessing this was an autocorrect fail. :rofl:


Happy to help with any questions I can!
Yes, there was a height marker on the splash pad area. We did not notice it right away. DS5 is right around that height and nobody said anything or asked to measure him. Another family popped over for a few minutes and realized their older child was well above the measurement and went back to the pool but the CM never addressed them about it. They may have if it had been more crowded, but there were only 3-4 kids there at a time. The only things CM enforced while we were there was that kids have to have a grownup with them.

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Thanks. My daughter is short - she’s 8 and will be almost 9. I wonder if her age will make people give her a look.

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Yeah, hard to say. If she’s within a few inches of the height requirement and has a younger sibling with her, I think they’d probably let it slide. :laughing: Especially if she’s being considerate of other smaller children playing too.

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