A Couple Questions for May Trip

Alright Disney aficionados I have 2 questions about one of my days planned. On our first day we are going to spend a half day at Hollywood Studios in the morning, then we travel to Animal Kingdom in the afternoon, and I booked us dinner at Boma.

First question: How long should I budget in to get from DHS to AK? I am assuming we will have to take the bus. (We have no car). Whats the quickest this transit could happen what is the longest?
—Right now I have a little less than an hour for this transition (leave at 1:19 arrive 2:07)

Second: When should we leave AK to make dinner reservations at Boma by 7:05? Can we walk from AK to the lodge?

Don’t know if this info will help, but ages of group are 52, 51, 25, 22, 18 and we are all fit and spry.


There are direct park-to-park busses. The actual travel time is around 20 min; to that you have to add in waiting for the bus and walking time between the gates and the busses. An hour should be OK, but they probably won’t be a lot of time to spare.

You cannot walk from AK to AKL. The bus ride is about 10 min. It stops at Kidani first and then goes on to Jambo House. I would be planning on leaving the AK gate headed to the bus at around 6 PM. You might get there a bit early, but there is SO much to see at AKL. Victoria Falls is a great place to stop for a drink before and/or after dinner.

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@bswan26 That is perfect thank you! I did not know about Victoria Falls, we will have to stop by for a beverage or 2. :beers: :cocktail: :tropical_drink: :wine_glass: