A couple of transportation questions

We plan on checking out the Boardwalk area after Epcot closes on a Saturday night. Probably won’t stay too long, but am thinking getting back to the Poly will be tricky. What is the best way to do this, or is an Uber probably the way to go?

Also, can one catch buses to HS and AK at TTC? Or only from the resort bus stop? We will be in the longhouse closest to TTC so figured we’d walk over there and maybe the bus would be more direct?

To get from a resort to another resort Uber is your best option, especially late.

You can catch a bus from the parks to other parks, like MK to AK from the bus area. I do not think there are buses per se at the TTC

If you are going to park hop you may wish to spring for the express bus. I think it’s like $25 pp for a week.
It takes you from park to park within the park, so you only have to go through security once.

This is an older discussion, but here is what I saw on forums:

If MK is open later than when you finish at BW, you could take a bus from BW to MK, then boat or monorail to Poly.

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You may be able to get a bus to Disney Springs and then tranafer to your resort.

And there are no buses from the TTC anymore. You could go over to the MK bus stops but I don’t know that would save you any time, and there could also be many more people waiting than at the Poly.

Free… Bus from Boardwalk to Disney Springs (often open until midnight, so buses run a little past that), then bus from Disney Springs to Poly… Or depending on the time and when MK closes that day, a Bus from Boardwalk to MK, then boat or Monorail to Poly.

The fastest will likely be Uber or Taxi, but that of course will cost you money.

I guess we will get a cab/uber from BW to Poly. We will likely be super exhausted from eating/drinking around the world that day, so best not try anything more complicated! The bus to DS, then to Poly does not sound like fun.

We will not be park hopping at all. I was just hoping the buses to HS/AK stopped at TTC as we will be closeby and hoping they might be direct? I read that getting the bus at the Poly stop may pick up guests of other resorts before heading to the parks.

If HS is open for EMH on that particular day (later than EP), you can get to HS walking from the BW.

Then you take a bus from HS to Poly.

Of course that all depends on what time you exit EP and get through with walking the Boardwalk. The buses run for an hour after park closing.

AK has EMH that morning :frowning: