A couple MK food questions

General Question - I’m sharing menus w/ my travel buddy. I’ve been looking at the menus on the regular website, but I know some places are offering limited menus. Anyone know if the website is updated to show those?

Friar Nook - I loooooove the idea of loaded tots, but all of them have meat. Anyone know if you can get the bacon mac tots without the bacon or the loaded buffalo chicken tots without the chicken? Not sure how their prepped and if the meat can be separated.

Plaza - Do they have a walk up ice cream counter? My travel buddy loves a milkshake, but we probably wouldn’t eat a full meal here.

I think the website is generally updated, but to be certain of what is available for QS, do a mock mobile order. What you see there is definitely what you can get right now. As for table service, the website menu is what comes up on your device when you scan the QR code at the restaurant. So those are accurate.

Plaza walk up is currently closed IIRC :frowning:


Yes, Plaza ice cream walk up counter is not open yet.
But you can totally get an adr and just order milkshakes, if you want.


If you go in and set up a mock order (must do during ordering hours though), you can see what customizations are available. Looks like leaving off the bacon is an option, but the chicken is not.

That said, given the special circumstances, you might be able to talk to a CM there to get a special request on the chicken, but it will be a bit of a hassle compared to the ones where the option is already available on the mobile order.


I have noted that what’s on the menu and what you can actually order are often two different things. If you want to know what you can order, start a mock MO to see what’s on the menu :wink: Also, while at Whispering Canyons yesterday the waitress told us that full menus are not available at this time. When you sit down you are given a QR to scan/open w/ your phone… that opens up ‘The Menu’

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