A Couple Last Minute Questions

We touch down at MCO Saturday morning at 8:30AM. Don’t have plans to visit any park. We have 6 day tickets with park hopper that we plan to use Sunday - Friday. Question is, will my tickets\reservation allow me to visit a water park on Saturday, the day of arrival? If so, which one (kids 10/12) would you hit?

Secondly, does the AoA gift shop (or snack shop) have milk or will i need to have it delivered?

Do you have regular park hoppers or park hoppers plus ? You need the ‘‘plus’’ for the waterparks.

Personally, I much prefer Typhoon Lagoon.

Oh, sorry. Park Hopper Plus.

Then you’re good ! :wink:

I think TL for kids 10/12… the wave pool can get HUGE waves… but its fun.

Yes, there will be milk in the "Grab n gO’ section. I think it is in the food court. But the milk will probably be cheaper to have delivered IF you are already ordering other groceries.

Thank you for the answers. Wanting to make this trip great for the kids so i’m trying to cover all the bases. First trip, more anxious than you can imagine. This forum has supplied great information as i’ve been in the background for months just watching and reading. I hope to contribute on the chat\wait times feature as the week unfolds. As a minimum, I should be able to offer ways to NOT do something!! Thanks again to all for the information and inspiration. 2 days…


I hope you relax and enjoy. As overwhelming as the planning can be, the simple fact that you have planned will make your trip great, even if everything you planned doesn’t go off perfectly. You know the parks, the tricks, the ins and outs and you will be much better prepared to deal with any setbacks.

Its the most magical place on earth. Have fun. The work is now over, let the magic begin!!!

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You’ll have a great time, don’t worry. If things don’t go exactly as planned (they won’t LOL), don’t freak out, take it in stride, it will still be awesome. :smiley:


I know this feeling. I put so much pressure on myself for my first trip as an adult! Remember the magic is in the unexpected. You have the tools to roll with any changes that are forced on you. Or changes that will make your family happy. Your family will take their cue from you, so if you are enjoying yourself they will! Which brings me to the last point, when balancing everyone’s wishes, always make sure to include space for your own!

Have an amazing trip!

Thanks for contributing wait times. I do recommend waiting to get into the flown of your trip before worrying about timing waits. Start by submitting posted times and work up to actual timing of waits (my suggestion from a stress stand point).

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We took our first trip last month & I promise you, the planning pays off!! I learned so much from this group. I hope you guys have a magical time!