A conference is as good of an excuse as any: liveish trip report

I had to bust out a decision tree for this one, y’all.

I stopped lurking here for a while because I have had this trip on the books for a few months and I was dead sure it wasn’t going to happen because people trust youtube more than people with actual scientific and medical training, but I’m officially boosted w/ my third shot and allowing myself to get excited!!! I also needed to meet a sales goal to qualify for my TA discounts, and I wasn’t sure it would happen but it finally (last minute) did, and I snagged 2 nights at a TA rate and 2 at the conference rate, and tickets are free through conference and TA stuff!

Dates: Oct 16-20
Occasion: Work conference at UO
Stay: Boardwalk Inn & Sapphire Falls

I’ve been trying to figure out how to fit some disney time into my conference at UO, and after literally sketching decision trees because my brain is a mess, I think I have a plan. I have 3 back up plans. I have reservations. BWI wasn’t even on my radar, but it was that, AoA or GF with the TA rate, and BWI is the only one I haven’t stayed at, so let’s ROLL!

I only have two shots to get on Remy, so I’m making EP reservations for my two major park days. The rest of the trip will be determined by whether or not I get VQ.

If I get Remy VQ on Saturday:

Fly in 10/16 Saturday arrive 1pm on Delta assuming I make my 40m ATL layover :grimacing:
DME to BWI, drop bags, walk to EP, if my VQ window has passed play dumb and beg. Enjoy WS a little. Try to walk into Space 220 lounge. Hop to MK for Enchantment.
10/17 MK then AK then HS

If I don’t get a Remy VQ on Saturday:
10/16: drop my bags and then bus to MK and stay til close
10/17 Get a nice spot in Remy VQ at 7, have chocolate waffles at A&C, and hit EP til hoppin time with a walkup to the Space 220 lounge. Hop to AK til close then to HS.

Remy or no Remy:
10/18 - check out of BWI and Uber to Boma (!!) for a 7:35 ADR, then uber to SF. Conference all day starting at 10:15, conference party at UO IoA for Velocicoaster, Hagrid’s, Hogsmeade
10/19 - USF early entry for Diagon Alley if I’m not yet dead.
12-5 conference stuff
5-close uber over to MK or HS, depending on which I feel like I’ve missed, cause I just like WDW better
10/20 conference stuff all day, 5p flight out

If my flights are delayed or I miss my connection, I have that after conference evening on 10/19 free and can fit in some time there. I do want to hit all 4 parks because the atmosphere is the thing for me. I need me some AK and MK at night!

Now this could definitely fall through. In the last month, my 3 year old has had RSV, bronchitis, pneumonia and a sinus infection. My son’s BFF had covid and it’s only because his tiny private school is super strict about covid (and a whole lotta luck) that he didn’t get it too. DH has been gone or working every single weekend. My mom, who is the one graciously watching my kids cause October is also MY BIRTHDAY MONTH WOOHOO, has had an awful bout of TMJ and hasn’t been able to eat or sleep for two weeks.

So, ya know, I’m trying not to get TOO excited. But guys! This would be my third trip this year and I can’t even fathom that actually happening!!!

I don’t have boo bash tickets or a dessert party booked. My ADRs are A&C and Boma. I currently have one for Citricos. I’ve never been and wanted to fit it in but I just don’t think it’s gonna work if I wanna hit all 4 parks in essentially 1 day, 2 evenings and 1 afternoon. Fun fact: Boma was my choice for my 30th bday dinner back in the days when I thought 1 kid was hard, and I’ve never done breakfast there. I’m considering it my birthday breakfast even though I’ll be a week or so off :slight_smile:

I would probably buy a boo bash ticket resale if I could find someone I could trust that would transfer it to my MDE, just so I could fit some time in there to ride Kong or, ya know, sleep. But so far I haven’t seen anything. Dessert parties are booked up except the ones where you have to check in so early that you might as well sit on Main Street for free with some Casey’s.

Anyway, feel free to poke holes in my plan. Besides getting videos of Space 220 and Remy for some clients, my only goals are to hop/wander and eat freely a la @Randall1028 and to calm my inner @mousematt that says this trip will actually never happen because life just doesn’t work that way.

I’m also curious whether you think Will Smith Genie (what I’m calling the program, to distinguish from Robin Williams Genie, who cannot be disgraced with such a blind Chapek money grab and is still the best disney character of all time) will have been released from the lamp at this point. It’s less than two weeks out, but who knows?


I am excited for you and your trip!!!

Sorry, I am a little confused about this - you need an Epcot park pass for Remy. Can you change park passes the day of? Are you thinking you’ll try for the boarding group and if you don’t get it, get a different park pass?

Otherwise, you would need to tap in at Epcot before hopping to MK.

Super awesome exciting! Looking forward to following along :slight_smile:

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Yep, you can change park passes before you tap in. This would’ve been an issue when capacity was lower but parks are all green for my dates, so if I don’t get the VQ at 7a, i’ll just switch my pass to MK.


I snagged a post close oga’s for Sunday! Woohoo!!! I adore the atmosphere in there.


Alrightttt it’s time to change the plan. I got a Boo Bash ticket!!! I’ve never been to an AH or a party so no set expectations. AND of course, Genie will be Screwing Things Up on 10/19, so i gotta get into a park for that for sure. Since now I have extra MK time, here’s the new plan:
Arrive at 1pm Sat (if they cancel my flight imma throw a toddler fit)
DME to BWI, drop bags, bus to AK. Depending on when they run the awakenings and whether I can get a post-close Oga’s, I might hit HS for a little bit. I also have an 840 A&C if I’m not feeling up to a second park or if timing doesn’t work.
10/17 Get in Remy VQ. A&C breakfast then Epcot. Walk up to Space 220 (see all the optimism I’m channeling?!?). Hop to MK, dinner at Citricos, BOO BASH!!!
10/18: Boma breakfast, conference at UO, Diagon Alley then IoA conference party
10/19: GENIE DAY! I haven’t decided what to do here yet. I need to do a bit more research honestly, because I don’t wanna fight the bloggers but I also want to give the system a good try. I have conference stuff this day but can definitely carve out significant park time.
10/20: conference stuff then 430 flight home

Two days out and I’m still doubting this will actually happen. But a girl can dream!


Still doubting. Clt to mco flight is oversold. Can’t be real. Too good to be true that I’m going back. Will keep yall posted.


I’m feeling a little moronic as I sit here going over my plans. With, what, part of an afternoon (optimistically) and a night to explore, I’m gonna DME to boardwalk and then wait for a bus to AK during the Great Bus Driver Shortage of 202ever? Instead of walking to HS and then to EP, and bussing to AK the next morning, with a breakfast at Boma perhaps if I decide to uber instead? Whyyy did I not plan it that way in the first place? Especially since i have a breakfast at boma Monday which requires an uber from bwi to akl then to uo, when I could just swap and eat at a&c that am???

And then I remembered. The awakenings. I adore them. AK at night. Duh.

So I’ll try my hand at a VQ spot in the am. If I get one, lovely, I’ll go to epcot and hs and then come back Tuesday from the conference to go to AK that evening. If I don’t, I’ll prob bus it to AK anyway tmw. I just couldn’t figure out why I had such a terrible plan and then I remembered the awakenings are worth being inefficient for :grin: AIRPORT UBER SCHEDULED IN 10.5 HRS!!!


This sounds awesome!!! I’ll have my fingers crossed! Have all the fun!!!

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Funny, my flight should (big should) land in exactly 6 hours.


Oh good, they just delayed us and I will definitely miss my connection


Alright yall we made up some time on the air and are landing now so cross your fingers for me. All the other aa flights to mco are oversold for the day and there is no wdw in clt.


Late catching up, but the lack of a post in the last hour has me hoping you made that connection!

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I did, I did!! We are a bit delayed but on my wayyyyyy


Got my room ready text too. Not what I requested but it’s just me so 🤷


Whoa. DME line stretched all the way back to the last rental counter. Uber it is. $40 but that’s a solid 2 hr line


Yall, I think I will be walking into epcot at the same time my remy bg is called. It’s gonna be a good dang day


If you don’t like your room assignment, give them a call (the number listed on the text with the room assignment). They answer quickly, just ask them if you can have a different room, they will take your preference (for me, it is any top floor room), and then another CM will call you back and change it. I just did this on Monday, so know they will do it. They were awesome, all taken care of quickly.