A Bunch of Miscellaneous Questions

Millions of questions running through my noggin. Anyone want to weigh in on any of these?

Question #1-
Going in early October and I know it’s going to HOT. Do those cooling towels actually work? Amazon has a bunch. If you have used them, any recommendations on a brand? Link please!

Question #2-
On that note- How silly or unrealistic is it to bring a small, clip-fan to attach to a stroller so little one can rest with some wind blowing on her? Also, recommendations and links please!

Question #3- Autograph Books- worth it? (Kids age 6 and 2). I still have mine from when I was 10 and it’s still cute but who knows if they’re still “cute.”

Question #4- With re-fillable water bottles, can we just waltz into any non-table service restaurant and fill them? No purchase in that particular restaurant needed?

Question #5- Anyone know if they will allow a double stroller on the Skyliner? If we have it folded up, ready to go, can it fit and will it be allowed if we’re fast enough to throw it into the skyliner car? (Highly doubt it)

Question #6- For those crazy people planning on rope drop a 6am Hollywood Studios open for SWGE (raises hand), can we anticipate the hotel shuttles starting at 5:30am? Will they be running that early just for HS??

Ok, that’s it for now. Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

  1. They work well. They’re all about the same. Main difference is sizing.

  2. Many people do this. It is recommended.

  3. Yes!

  4. Not exactly. Free ice water is available st allQS but you do have to line up and order it.

  5. Be sure it meets the current (newly revised) restrictions. If it does you’re good to go. The cars come off the cable and move rather slowly through the station and then reattach before the exit. Should be fine.

  6. HS buses - like all buses - should start operating one hour before park opening. So 5am for 6am start for HS. Of course this is theoretical st this point.


THANK YOU! Appreciate your answers so much!

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If you have a refillable bottle can you give it to them or do they give you a cup with the ice water and you transfer yourself?

  1. I would ask the 6 year old. With our 2 year old, it would have been more trouble than it’s worth. Those lines seemed to be when our son was the most antsy, because the queue moves slowly and there’s less to look at. But if your older kid wants to do it, I think you should.
  2. You can get free water cups and then pour those into your bottles. I’ve also heard that Casey’s Corner has a tray of water cups sitting on the counter, but I don’t know if they always do that or if other restaurants do the same.

You transfer it yourself.

My kids loved autograph books in our last trip (they were 2&4).

Regarding the stroller, it sounds like you won’t have to fold it up for the Skyliner. I believe you’ll be able to push it right on without folding it up.

Re: water Some places have jugs of water in the entry area. The one that comes to mind is Gaston’s. They do request that you use a paper cup for sanitary reasons which I appreciate.


You can also refill from water fountains. Its not the most efficient method, but in a pinch it works

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I’m sorry @Cgerres – I meant that to be a reply to @yeahtoast. !!

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#1–Yes, we love cooling towels. I tried the neck wrap cooling towels though and didn’t think they were large enough. I’ve used the frogg toggs chilly pad that is 35x13 and really liked it (bought mine on Amazon).

#2–Not silly at all. I see people do it all the time.

#3–Definitely still cute. I went with a friend and her two (almost three) year old recently and she loved collecting autographs in her book. She then carried her book around for weeks after the trip.

#4–How you refill depends on the location. Some places like Starbucks and Gaston’s have a large container with ice water you can refill bottles. Other places have cups of free ice water you can them dump into your own bottle if you want.

#5–No idea.

#6–I would think even earlier–like 5 am.

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Okay, I am a terrible person because I don’t line up for it? They usually are just sitting at the exit of the food pick up and I just go and grab some.


I say yes to autograph books! My 5 year old was a little reluctant meeting people/characters. But it was a good opening and soon she wanted to fill up the book. It was fun! We just did one— also had an almost 2 who just went along with her sister.

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What type of cooling towels are you all using? I bought one on Amazon for my last trip that was kind of like a 2 sided mesh and didn’t find that it helped very much, it wasn’t cooling to leave it on my skin/neck, I mainly used it to put some moisture on my neck/upper arms, but you don’t need a special cloth to do that. I lost it half way through my trip and didn’t miss it.

I noticed when shopping for them that some of them were sort of spongy material, like the one @Dreamer mentioned – I think they harden when they dry, which is why I went with the meshy one instead. Has anyone tried both types, and can confirm the spongy material one works better than the mesh?

I used these:

I did find them helpful, but some of the colors (mostly blue/purple) bled onto my shirt. I had a little one in a carrier so I kept a towel between the two of us to help us both out.


I believe they give you the cup for health code reasons

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A little?

They aren’t always there.

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@OBNurseNH nailed it with the first post!

I will add…

#1 They are fantastic. Bring QT Or Gallon bags to carry/store towels in. We have moved to the neck wraps which are half the width.
#4 Cosmic Rays (MK) just installed a water bottle filling station.


Health code makes sense and is reassuring. I love the bottle fillers they have in airports but it didn’t sound like those had made it to the World yet. But maybe I’ll check out the one in Cosmic Ray’s, thanks @thekid!

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#3 we used a small paperback mickey and friends book and it was so much fun…the characters took the time to find themselves in the book and make funny pantomimes before signing.

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I lined up once at CHH for water and was told by the CM I should have gone straight past and picked some up.