A bit disappointed in Disney

So I had a Caribbean Beach reservation for a water view all set like 4 months ago. I saw the recent fall discount promos come out and called to see if I could take advantage of the 15% I qualified for. The reservationist said there were no more rooms of my sort to discount, (Already???), but she COULD upgrade my room to a pirate themed room. I figured the girls would dig this so I did it and it actually ended up saving me $4.00! LOL… So, today I get an e-mail from Disney with a confirmation and it had my dates of arrival and departure all wonky. I looked at My Disney Experience and saw these dates were different and also wrong. I quickly called and got to a person, explained the deal, was placed on hold for a good 15-20 minutes with him sporadically coming back to tell me there has been a goof and he had a supervisor on it. He finally comes back and explains the girl who upgraded me messed my dates up when upgrading me. He moves me back to my original room type and dates.

My issue: I had already “sold” the idea of the pirate rooms to the girls and they have been excited about this. Disney offered no compensation for my time or hassle of fixing this and they did not honor the 15% off! The Cast Member told me the supervisor was sorry and would maybe “make it worth my while”. This, from my experience, is very un-Disney like and feel like they used to do more to make things right. Any feedback?

I would keep calling to get the pirate room. It’s likely someone will cancel. Sorry about this mistake. Tell your girls they will be happier to NOT be in a pirate room since they are the farthest away from the super cool pool! The long walk and dated decor aren’t worth it!

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First, I am sorry that you went through this, and I know how frustrating situations like this can be. That said, I have to say that the heartfelt apology with no compensation seems very Disney-like to me. The Unofficial Guide has a small paragraph on this. Guests rarely get big comps or discounts as apologies - it’s usually just an apology for the inconvenience. My guess is that it’s a company-wide policy not to immediately offer anything to people because they have so many people who make complaints every day about so many different things. It’s possible that if you pushed for something you’d get it, but not guaranteed since you have basically been made whole by getting back your original dates and room. All that said, you might just end up with some Disney magic and a nice upgrade at check-in. I hope that you do!


Argh, this is very frustrating!
Agree with others who said that you actually probably do NOT want a Pirate room since they are miles and miles and miles away from all the action, although that’s tricky after you’ve sold your girls on it.
May be worthwhile to call again and explain things, but others are correct - WDW shies away from doing big comps for every mix-up since it can get very, very costly… although this is certainly a pretty blatant example of a mistake on their part. Wonder if they’d be interested in putting you in a Royal Room at POR instead…
Good luck, hope you have an amazing vacation no matter how it all turns out.


That was my thinking! I’ll have to show them pics of the cool pool!