A bit confused on Polynesian standard view rooms

Ok so I posted earlier about our first night or two at Contemporary or Polynesian; I am now looking at the room finder tool here on TP and am a bit confused as to the room types listed there. What I am pricing is a standard view for just the one night, as it can turn out to be a garden or monorail view.
The only reference I see to “standard view” on the TP room finder is standard view/deluxe studio…are these one in the same? I didn’t think so but I can’t select just “standard view”. Please help! Lol!

Standard deluxe studio is DVC . A standard view room is a garden view room.

Have you looked at this site?


Omg is it?! Ok I knew there had to be some logic to it lol. I thought about looking at garden view but thought “hmmm no it would say garden view on the category I was looking at booking”. Lol. Have not seen that link - let me check it out…thank you!


You will love the Poly!

I think so too! I think we’ve decided on Poly for the first 1-2 nights. Any suggestions on particular room numbers/building? Standard view (garden view).

I honestly don’t think you can go wrong. I like a balcony so I always request Aotearoa 3rd floor- it seems easier to get.