A 4 year old’s list of must dos

To keep the planning going today for our next WDW trip, I decided to ask each of my children what their list of must-dos are for our trip. I found DS4’s list adorable and wanted to share with you all. I’ll update later with my other kid’s responses. I tried to type word for word what he wanted.

  • [ ] Drive a race car at Tomorrowland Speedway
  • [ ] Swim at the swimming pool and go down the slide
  • [ ] Ride Test track
  • [ ] Look at birds. See the bird show.
  • [ ] Have beignets and Mickey pretzels
  • [ ] Go on the Star Wars ride with R2-D2 and C-3PO (Star Tours)
  • [ ] Build a lightsaber
  • [ ] Get a pirate hook
  • [ ] Go on Pirates of the Caribbean
  • [ ] Go on Splash mountain

Kid’s got good taste!

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I saw that they have restarted the make your own lightsabers at the gift shop at ST so I think that will be his souvenir. He also hasn’t stopped talking about the pirate hooks at the PotC gift shop, so that is a must!


Not that you haven’t checked, but - height requirements for driving (and some other attractions) could come into play at that age. Speedway has one height requirement to drive, and a different one to be a passenger. Suggestion for all folks with kids - check height requirements so there are no surprises if they are hyped up to do something, but then get to whatever it is, and they cannot because of a height requirement. I’m the runt of the family, and when I was a kid, I was pretty ambitious to go on big rides, but could not. It’s not the end of the world or anything, but everyone may as well be informed, and let their kids know beforehand.

Again, I’m not raining on your parade in any way, I’m actually hoping to prevent the very opposite just in case you haven’t checked if he truly wants to drive, and not just be in the car.

Also - if he truly wants to drive, I like that kid! :racing_car:


Bought my DS4 a pirate sword at the POTC gift shop. The sharper plastic one not the foam one. Can’t say it was the best idea ever (I mean what could go wrong with a sword right??) (and we actually exited the first time successfully without it and then went back later to get it… sigh I’m a pushover). A hook would have been a much better idea.

All that to say: A+ list, your son is my kind of kid :star_struck:


Since I will be his “passenger”, all will be good :blush: but thank you!

My experience is that that height requirement is really for driving on your own. Typically, as long as an adult is with a child who meets the lower height requirement, the adult has to use the gas in the break but the kid can steer with the parents help.

And it will be a blast! My 3 year old, kept yelling, “I’m driving a car!” (As we continuously bounced off the rail)


This was our experience also. My 6 (almost 7 year old) is tiny as in not even on the percentile charts. So he can’t reach the pedals, but he loves to “drive” and cackles maniacally while we bounce off the rail constantly.

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