9am FP+ Rapunzel/Tiana Greet and 9:15am BOG breakfast... Possible?

If I’m at MK in time to be at the front of whatever they do opening wise now (I haven’t been since Jan 2015, and I understand they’ve changed things since then) and head straight to the M&G using the FP+, would I be able to make the 9:15 BOG breakfast? (I’m solo, so the M&G shouldn’t take that long…and obviously I can keep looking for an earlier BOG ADR since it’s for Feb, which is before the PPO thing has apparently ended - or I could take one a little later as well I guess.)

I’ll be staying at Sports, so what time should I plan to be out waiting for the bus to get to the front of the crowd?

You should not have any problem doing both.

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Thank you!