99 days until trip but still no dates for HEA Dessert Party

We are 99 days from our trip (end of May/June), but there are still no dates for either of the HEA dessert parties. I check the WDW website every AM, but was wondering if a missed an announcement or something - are they not running the dessert parties at MK in the summer. I note that the SW dessert party at HS is open for my dates, but we are not interested in that. Also nothing released for Epcot.

Any thoughts?

For years they opened around day 60. I believe they may be unsure of hours at this time?

It’s not that unusual for dates for desert parties to be released around 3 months ahead. Annoying, but not uncommon.

Just keep checking back. Hopefully dates will open up.

Just keep checking. I was looking every day for the FEA dessert party and finally on February 3rd it opened for March 15th. I too was worried that I had missed something. Don’t give up.

I booked for mid-May on Feb 1st so maybe your dates will be released soon (at about 95 days out)

I am watching too… we can post back here when available… :smile:

Same dates here. Same issue. Getting a little stressed and worried about missing the opening. My work schedule means I am in Court a lot, so not exactly easy for catching those hard to find ADRs with the reservation finder. Hopefully this will just be a morning drop with plenty of availability. What dates/viewing are you looking for?

Hahah… same court related issues for me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Probably looking for June 3, but have some flexibility. You?

I have the dessert party page bookmarked and check every day! Wanting a June booking. Dates only available up to May.

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Thanks all. I’ll just keeping checking daily . . .

June 2 would be my first pick. Hopefully we all get what we want!

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