9 days out, need opinions fast

second guessing my plans. (6 days, 1 park per day) all 4 parks, then another MK and HS. We are familiar with disneyland, and our son is 9. second guessing a second day at MK due to the familiarity with disneyland.

Don’t second guess your 2nd MK day. IMO, It’s necessary if you want to try to see, ride, $ eat everything. We only did one day last time and I was longing for more time as there was so much we didn’t see and do. If you have 2 days you can walk slower, soak up the atmosphere, watch all kinds of shows, parades, etc.
We typically do at least 5 days with 2 MK days, then one day at the others. With a rest day in the middle. Try to do MK as bookends but that doesn’t always work.
I’ve not been to Disneyland so no comparison. I’d go to MK for probably 3 days if I could. My kids are 6 & 11 and we could have easily done more days.


I agree. Two days at MK is a great idea. There’s so much to see and do. Even if you’re familiar with DL I think MK has a different feeling and even the rides that both parks have are at least slightly different.


great points. i just know at disneyland (2 times in the last year) we constantly wanted to go to california adventure to ride the bigger rides. my son is 9, so kind of into the thrill rides. Also, mk is very similar to disneyland.(same rides and layout) where we have been twice in the last year.

I agree with previous replies. Definitely a second day at MK.

Now, despite the fact I always spend two days at DHS, that’s over 2 weeks. What are your plans for DHS that need 2 days? If you tell me Star Wars fireworks show and Fantasmic, then I would happily agree because I happen to love both of those.

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for HS, just figures the bigger rides were there. i know its totally fine for one day. need to figure what last day will be

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May I suggest doing a second AK day and go at night if possible? Pandora is a different world at night I promise you. It’s worth it.

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We are west coast/DL and just got back from first trip to wdw, 6 days. Is park hopper an option? We did 2.5 at MK, which was just a little much for us. We had our first 1/2 day at HS, but still ended up back there 2 nights the last hour just for more of the big rides. Tower is better than at DCA, at least before it switched to guardians. And RnRC is incredible. Worth some extra time at HS if you can swing it.
IMO, if you’re already familiar with DL, and will still go back, skip Buzz lightyear and even Peter Pan (unless it’s already one of your favorites. I had a fp for it and running late, so paid for Minnie van to get there on time). BTMRR and Splash are great of course. Jungle cruise is great. Prefer space at DL but should still do it at MK. Plus of course 7DMT. Liberty square is fun since it’s only at MK.
We’ll be going back to wdw again. But next is back to DL next year.

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This gets into the realm of pure opinion… but as others have voiced, I’d consider a second day at another park instead of HS. Personally, I would opt for a second Epcot day, and failing that a second AK day as @joejccva71 mentioned.

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Or… and this is just a thought… what about Typhoon Lagoon? The water parks don’t get enough love here IMHO.


Agreed. Just not that much going on at HS right now. I mean yes, thrill rides RRC and ToT, but other than that, not much. I’d def go with AK (but then it’s one of my faves)

yeah, i was kind of leaning toward AK or EP instead of a second MK
i guess i could just keep the original plan, since last MK day is our last day of the trip, then change it if needed while there.

Don’t cancel that second MK day!

edit I didn’t mean to shout, but you’re scaring me.


Being a DL girl most of my life, I have to agree with everyone else - MK for 2 days if possible. We went to WDW 2 years ago and had 2 days at MK and I still felt like I could go back for more. Yes, it’s similar to DL but honestly, it feels bigger and overall, there just seems like there’s more to do at MK. Now, I haven’t been to AK since Pandora opened so, that could be a slight game changer for us this year but, we added a few extra days to our trip to allow us more time in AK this time!

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In my opinion, Hollywood Studios and Epcot are, at the current time, 1/2 day parks … I spring for the Park Hopper option so that I can use the other half of those days to circle back to the Magic Kingdom.

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May I offer this option:
We had a day where DD9 could choose what she wanted to go back to. IMHO there’s so much that can happen (weather, rides shut down, crankiness,etc.) that you might find yourself wanting to go back to a park for a completely different reason than what you previously thought.
DD9 chose Epcot for her last day to do a second time. She’s a thrill seeker and really wanted to do Soarin and Test Track again, but also felt like she didn’t get to explore all the countries as much as she wanted to the first time.
This might also be because our MK day was a EMH and open until midnight so we literally did everything she wanted to do, twice, and then some.
I feared that having no plan, no pre arranged FPs would throw us off, but honestly with everything I learned here and picking up last minute FPs it was no problem to leave the decision to the day after we had been to every park.

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We have never used a full day at HS, so I would pick something else for that second day. Unless he loves Tower of Terror and Rockin Roller Coaster and you want to go back for those 2. Even then, you probably wouldn’t need a whole second day there. And definitely keep the second MK day! We like to take 2 days there and split them - 2 lands on each day. So we stay on one side of the park one day, and the other the next (with an occasional cross over for food).

I agree with the sentiment that two days at HS is overkill…at least until Star Wars land opens.

BUT, there aren’t two rides, but four to do there: TSMM, RnRC, TOT, and ST. Still, you don’t even need a full day.

Our family always picks Epcot as our SECOND two-day park. Two days at MK, and if we are doing 6 days, then Epcot gets the second day. We love Epcot more than AK. AK is definitely only a single-day park for us.

sounds good. thanks for the info

2 days MK, 2 days either Epcot or AK. I think letting kiddo decide would be a good idea if that is possible.

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